Şenol Güneş comments on current situations

Updated: June 27, 2015

At the Turkish Football Federation presidential election general assembly, Besiktas coach Şenol Güneş spoke about the transfer agenda of the Black Eagles.

Şenol Güneş made the following statements:

Trying to finish all Facilities

“We are trying to finish all the facilities before the start of the season. Ahmet Nur Cebi has made extraordinary efforts on this subject. Our job is to play football on the field. We need facilities to play football.”

Demba Ba, Gökhan Töre and Ersan Gülüm’s current transfer status

“We believe we have great players. A better result might have been expected. We need to work hard this season. We have to protect the current squad. We need a numerical addition to the right back. We need efficient players for defense. As far as forwards are concerned, Demba Ba wanting to leave and the club’s possibility of making a profit from this transfer left us in the search for a new striker. Demba Ba was a very important player for us. There are also transfer opportunities for Ersan Gülüm, he can leave. We have important players such as Cenk and Mustafa. We want to keep Gökhan Töre.”

A foreign goalkeeper could have been an option

“There is a question mark concerning our goalkeepers as well. We have good keepers. Last year they were unsuccessful. A foreign keeper could have been an option. I didn’t think of it as a good idea. I want to take this risk. I trust them. If we fail with them, then we will go for a change. Tolga’s experience will be a plus I believe. Like Günay, Cenk and Tolga will improve. There is a risk here but there would be a risk in buying a new goalkeeper aswell.”


“Let’s hope for the best on the General Assembly. The federation should apply the rules that UEFA is applying. That’s why management is very important. Help from UEFA should be received.”

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