Atınç Nukan talks about his transfer

Updated: July 2, 2015

Atınç Nukan talked about his transfer for the first time, “I am excited, of course. I have a new career plan. It will be a new life and challenge. I think I will be successful and that’s why I made this decision. I hope I will be right in making htis decision and I will be successfull at my new club.”

Atınç was asked that he was hesitant about his transfer before and what made him change his mind, “I am at this club since I was 12. I am here for 10 years. I had worn this jersey, it was a very emotional decision for me. I talked with my family, my manager Ahmet Bulut. It was hard to decide. I hope I made the right decision. I walked a lot from Mecidiyeköy to Fulya. When I was walking down there I was dreaming to be in A Team.”

Atınç said that it was difficult to work his way up from the youth ranks and he thanked Mustafa Denizli, “Mustafa Hoca took me in to the A Team in 2010. He is one of the most influential and important people in my young career. Sometimes they wanted to send me but I resisted. Thank god I proved those who did not believe in me wrong, and I will continue to do so.”.

“Did you research Leipzig, how did they convince you?” was another question led to 22 year old Atınç, “When their coach came to visit me in Istanbul they told me about their projects. I did some research for myself about the club and the city. First they called me, but I didn’t want to go. Ragnick wanted to come here and I said of course. When he came he talked about their projects and his faith in me. He talked about my potential, what I can achieve. He said with my potential I can be at better places. My doubts went away as Ragnick came here. He said that they wanted to go toe to toe with Bayern Munich in a few years, they want to play in the Champions League. I talked with Demba Ba and he said ‘Go’, he and Ragnick were in Hoffenheim. He is a coach that has made lots of players better”.

He was told that he is maybe the first player to be born in Turkey and move to Germany, “I can overcome that. I am confident. If you don’t believe in yourself you won’t be successful, I am diligent, I will work more and I will be good for my team.”

Atınç also said that he also spoke to Şenol Güneş, “I talked with Şenol Güneş and told him about the offer. He said ‘You know the situation the club is in. Whether you go or stay I will support you. I think I will have some good things for you. You must decide and you must support it’ So I made a rational decision for my career, not emotional.”

He said that his English is good but his German is bad, “Ragnick wants me to learn German as soon as possible. It is important for me to know another language.”

Atınç talked about him leaving in the era of Bilic, “Bilic wanted me in the team. It was not clear if I would be in camp or not. He decided to take me to camp, it was upon my performance. I showed myself and here I am. Bilic said that ‘They offered me a centre back but I wanted you’. I worked harder when I got some playing chance and I got better.”

Atınç answered the question about who was his icon as a defender, “I really liked Vidic when I was a child. He was younger and better at that time. Other than him I can say Pique and Kompany.”

Atınç said that Leipzig is young and full of potential, “Ragnick said that their scouts set up a great team. He also said that the facilities in club and the friendship is high class. I want to take my family there. It will be hard for me to go there and I want my family to come with me”.


Source: NTV Spor