Şenol Güneş gives press conference

Updated: July 2, 2015

Şenol Güneş has made a small press conference during the first training session of our team today. Şenol talked about transfers, the new season and Demba Ba’s departure.

“I hope the 2015-2015 season will be good for our club, board, players, fans and media. I hope we will do good things together and make an impact.

As a special occasion took place we can look for a player to replace Demba Ba. Actually we are looking. We will also evaluate our players, I don’t want to talk name by name. It is natural that players come and go. The important thing is the search for players for the sake of the club. This is natural. Our board is doing their best. There are some negotiations, we will see the results together.”



“It happened as boaRd wanted it and Ba left the club. There is no board, coach or fans that will want players like these to go. This is technical, managerial and economic situations. This is a loss for the team. We don’t think about selling Sosa or Tolgay. Demba Ba was really popular to talk in the past few days, he wanted to go and board wanted to sell him so he went. Naturally, we don’t want this, neither the fans but conditions may make that happen. Atınç is one of them. He was talented, we were looking for players in that position and it will continue. We are not thinking to sell any player. Ersan was about to transfer but it didn’t happen. One month later conditions can change, we can’t know that will happen. We will have he camps. By the time transfer window closes, we may buy players or we may sell players, I can’t say anything.”