Atlético de Madrid are back for Gökhan Töre

Updated: July 3, 2015

Atlético de Madrid are still interested in Gökhan Töre. It is said that Atlético are willing to pay € 12 million for Töre. In the Spanish press it is written that after the departure of Arda Turan, Atletico will be looking for Töre to replace him.

After selling Demba Ba for € 13 million and Atınç Nukan for € 5 million, Beşiktaş are not willing to sell Gökhan Töre as they want a team to compete for the championship and they think that Gökhan’s value could increase even more if he continues to perform well this coming season.

Beşiktaş vice-president Ahmet Nur Çebi adressed transfer rumors surrounding José Sosa and Gökhan Töre yesterday, “Sosa and Gökhan Töre aren’t players we will be selling at this time. There were offers for Töre and Sosa, € 9 and € 6 million respectively, but we declined these offers and at this time aren’t willing to consider selling them. Şenol Güneş is a manager who works very well with young players and who can improve them a lot, we believe he will double the values of Gökhan Töre, Oğuzhan Özyakup and Kerim Frei. Ersan Gülüm did not reach terms with Shandong but if a new offer comes allong we will consider selling him.”.


Source: Hürriyet