Beşiktaş eye Rémy and Mitroglou in search for a new striker

Updated: July 3, 2015

Beşiktaş are on the hunt for a new striker following the departure of Demba Ba and recently added Robin van Persie (32) to their list, who is also high on rivals Fenerbahçe’s wishlist.

Beşiktaş have looked at the possibility of signing Robin van Persie, but after evaluating the financial package required to sign the Dutchman, they have opted for other alternatives. Beşiktaş are currently putting their full focus on Chelsea’s Loïc Rémy (28) and Fulham’s Kostas Mitroglou (27).

Beşiktaş may have sold Atınç and Ba, but the club has to use that money carefully, that’s why a transfer of van Persie is not a priority at this point. Mitroglou was on the Black Eagles’ radar before but ultimately they ended up signing Demba Ba instead last season. But it is believed he is once again close to a Beşiktaş move. Chelsea’s Loïc Rémy is also on the Black Eagles’ list and they are currently having talks with the player’s manager.

With Chelsea brining in Radamel Falcao on loan from AS Monaco, it may have increased the chances of the Black Eagles loaning Rémy with an option to sign him on a more permanent deal. Rémy is believed to be the ‘number one’ candidate since there are some people within the club who have their doubts about Mitroglou after his injury woes.

Beşiktaş don’t want to transfer players who are at the ends of their careers and are therefore also looking at the possibility of signing a younger striker with a lot of potential, possibly from Africa.


Source: Milliyet