Quaresma put on the transfer agenda!

Updated: July 9, 2015

Beşiktaş coach Senol Güneş only just denied rumors of Ricardo Quaresma making a return to Beşiktaş yesterday but now it has been revealed that the board could no longer ignore the cries of our fans.

Whether the player will actually come back is far from certain, but talks about bringing him back have started among the board members. So, while it seemed impossible that we’d ever see Quaresma back at Beşiktaş only 24 hours ago, it now seems that there might be a chance yet.


Source: Firat Günayer


Kaan Bayazit’s comments:

Of course, even if the board do decide that bringing Quaresma back would be a good idea. Senol Güneş would still have the final say in this move. For the board the attractive aspect of this is of course that Quaresma will lure a lot of extra fans to the Vodafone Arena, even at nearly 32 years of age he is still considered to be a big star in Turkey and he has shown at Porto that he is still a player of exceptional quality this past year. On the other hand there is the way these two parties parted ways the last time, it most definitely ended on a sour note. There were major mistakes made by both sides, Fikret Orman and his administration could have handled things a lot more professionally but Quaresma himself made major mistakes during his 2,5 years at the club aswell which resulted in him being sent away in the first place. During the FEDA season Quaresma was offered a new contract, a pay reduction. But still a top contract of € 2,5 million per season. Now he is playing for € 600.000 per season. At the time he refused it, partially because perhaps he was not treated with the respect he felt he deserved, but on the other hand he did not act how a profesional footballer should the previous season under Carvalhal.

There are different factors in this transfer, a very large portion of the fans want Quaresma to come back. It also seems that the player has matured, if only a little, over the past few years. And many believe that he could have a positive impact on the squad. However, there are also plenty of people who did not forget some of his misbehaviors the first time around and think that it could upset the harmony in the dressing room. Much will depend on Quaresma’s attitude both at the negotiation table (if it ever comes to that) and if he would to be snapped back up again, in the dressing room.

Quaresma is currently on a mear € 600.000 a year deal at FC Porto, after he left Beşiktaş he went to Qatar and earned a lot of money there before returning to Porto. At Beşiktaş he was on a club record high wage of € 3.750.000 per season. Beşiktaş will, if they were to offer him a contract, only offer him a fraction of that this time around. Perhaps a third. If Quaresma, who has been told he has no place at Porto next season according to reports in Portugal, is willing to come back to Beşiktaş for a modest wage. And the board are willing to bring him back and on top of that the coach wants him on his team.. then we may see Q7 back at Beşiktaş afterall.


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