Şenol Güneş speaks about transfer targets, Töre and Sosa

Updated: July 13, 2015

Şenol Güneş gave an interview and spoke out about recent developments:

Ricardo Quaresma

“I can’t say anything negative about his technique. He’s a very talented player. He played good football last year and didn’t get injured. I don’t think any coach would say anything about that. However, if his character, relationships with teammates and overconfidence is going to effect the team negatively, I can’t accept this. I haven’t worked with him before so I wouldn’t know. I can’t make a decision by myself on Quaresma. He went through some experiences here before. If the same issues won’t happen, then he can come. I don’t have a decision on him, I have an idea. The board will make the decision.”

Dame N’Doye

“N’Doye is a player who we’re thinking about potentially transferring. N’Doye or another striker could be brought in.”

Douglas Silva

“There’s Douglas Silva and a couple more center backs we’re targetting. The board is going to make the decision on whom to get.”

Gökhan Töre and Jose Sosa

“My plan for both of them is clear. I want to be in the race for the title next season with both Gökhan and Sosa on the team and finish in the best possible position.”

(NTV Spor)

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