Şenol Güneş offers condolences and talks about injured players

Updated: July 20, 2015

Beşiktaş head coach Şenol Güneş had an interview at the camp in Austria, where our team arrived today. He talked about the situations of Veli and Tolgay’s injuries and offered his condolences to the people that were close to the victims of the terrorist attack earlier today in Suruç.

“I offer my condolences”

Firstly, Güneş talked about the terrorist attack that shocked Turkey and cost many people their lives: “We have been deeply saddened with the terrorist attack in Şanlıurfa. I ask for God’s compassion for the victims of the attack and offer my condolences to the people that were close to them. I hope the pain of this attack will not grow any more. We want this violence to stop. We were very sad that we received this painful message on the first day of our camp, just like the rest of Turkey.”

“Austria is going to be more competitive”

Güneş also spoke about the camp in Austria: “In this camp in Austria, we are going to work more competitively. We have come here with 26 players and I want to see all of them. We are going to continue our training. If more players would join the camp, we would also talk with them.”

“I told Tolgay to think of himself as a new transfer”

When Güneş is asked about Tolgay’s injury, he answers: “We know Tolgay’s condition, he is going to have surgery. When I spoke with him, I told him I want him to consider himself as a new transfer, as a player that is preparing himself for our team. Tolgay loves his job, he is a great professional. He won’t be with us until the winter break.”

Finally, he talked about Veli’s injury: “Veli’s situation is a little different. We have given him off until the 24th of July. He will join us after he has received the result of the doctor he has previously seen.”

Source: bjk.com.tr


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