Mario Gomez gives his first interview in Turkey to BJK TV!

Updated: July 30, 2015

Mario Gomez, the latest acquisition of Beşiktaş, gave his first extended interview in Turkey to BJK TV today after arriving at the Atatürk airport this afternoon.


“I am excited for the adventure in Istanbul, I am happy to be here.”

‘How does it feel to be a professional football player?’ was one of the first questions the interviewers asked Mario Gomez, “I feel like a little kid, I was always dreaming about being a professional footballer. I’ve been in Stuttgart, Münich, Florence and now here. It was a beautiful time in Florence, I hope we will be successful here and have a good time here. I’m just happy to be here.”.

“Hilbert told me, you will see they’re the best fans in the world.”

The interviewers continued and asked Gomez what he knew about the Beşiktaş fans, “I have to say, I spoke with a lot of players. Players who played here in Istanbul and at Beşiktaş. For example I spoke to Roberto Hilbert, he said to me you will see they are the best fans in the world. I have to say I was in Florence for two years, they have amazing fans with heart and everything for the club. And I feel here it’s the same, they give everything for the club and they are very warm. I tis important for the players to feel that energy.”.

“This is a very important season for me, I want to play for Germany at the European cup.”

“I hope that I will be successful, it’s my job to score and I always scored. So I hope to give the fans and the club a lot. I had a bit of a difficult time now at Florence with some injuries and unlucky situations. But now I feel very good and I am ready to make a new start, This is a very important season for me because of the European cup. I want to play a very good season so I can play in the European cup for Gemrany.”.

“I am not 100% fit yet but the physical fitness will come as I play matches.”

Gomez was asked about his physical fitness, “I’m not yet at 100%, we started at the begining of July. We were in New York with Fiorentina, now I came back and it was three days whether I have come here or not. Now I will speak to the coach and I will be ready for the first game, and after some matches the physical form will arrive.”. Gomez was asked who he spoke to before he came to Beşiktaş, “I spoke with Andy (Andreas Beck) last week, I was talking with him about his first impression. He said, you will love it here it is amazing and very professional. I spoke to José Sosa and Roberto aswell, I know José he is a very nice guy and I played with him at Bayern Munich. I always try to be one of the good and to get allong with everyone and have success together.”.

“It is important for young players to have someone they can ask questions to.”

“I played also in teams with players who were older than me, I iked it a lot to have older players who helped us. It is important to have players who you can ask questions to, how will certain situations be. To me it’s important to help the team. It is so important to have a good group like we did at Bayern when we won the Champions League. I hope we’ll have a lot of young and good guys.”

“Being on top of the statistics is nice, but you have to do it again and again and again.”

“Listen I never did this, I never said at the start of the season I’ll make twenty or twenty-five. Because it depends on how the team is playing, I am a player who is, how can I explain it. If I’m in a good team and in a good physical form I will score a lot of goals, I don’t care about the number. At the end what is important is that we win the title, and this is what everyone wants here at this club. And this is the most important thing. The statistic is always nice, at the end when you read it and you’re at the top it is nice. But you have to do it again, and again and again.”

“I already wrote down 25.” said the presentator, “I heard from a lot of people the Turkish league is not that competitive, but I know from the strikers that it is not easy to score. I will do this to make him (presentator) happy (smiles).”

Do you have any Turkish friends, because there are a lot of Turks in Turkey?, “Mesut Özil is one of your best players but fortunately he is playing for us. (laughs) And a good friend of mine is also playing here in Turkey, Hakan Aslantas, we played together in Stuttgart. There have been some other (Turkish) players also but they aren’t playing in the first division. I like their mentality because they always give everything they can give.”.

“I came here to be happy on the pitch and so I could be part of the EURO 2016 squad.”

Why did you decide to come here? “I decided to come here because I have to say it again, Florence is a beautiful club and the fans I have them in my heart so it was really hard to decide to go away from there. But at the end I want to be happy, I want to be happy on the pitch and I want to go next year to the EURO cup and I decided what was best for me and I hope I can have a good season so I can achieve the things I want to do.”

“I love the number 3, but it is strange for a striker to wear number 3 so I always chose number 33.”

Will you be wearing number 33 at Beşiktaş as you have been wearing it at all clubs? “Yes, I think so. Istill don’t know if it’s free, I think it’s free and I want to chose it. I love the number 3, this is the reason why. It’s not normal for a stirker to play with number 3 that is why I always played with number 33. At the youth clubs I always played with number 9 but I prefer number 33.” said Mario Gomez.

“I wear a lot of Black in my daily clothing, so I love the club colours.”

How do you like our club colours and what do you think about all the people already copying your hairstyle in Turkey? “I always wear black in my clothing so I like the club colours a lot! I hope people will keep my hairstyle for a long time (laughs). Maybe I should change my hairstyle to blonde, then we will all be blonde. I think Messi and Ronaldo are froma different world, they are fucking crazy.”

“I hope we will be playing at the Vodafone Arena soon, where we can beat everyone. I am happy to play for this club.”

Do you have a message for the fans? “I am happy to be here and I hope we will have a great season, I hope we will be playing soon at the Vodafone arena because it’s so important that we have a home stadium which is our place where we can beat everyone. I am very happy to play for this club.”


Source: BJK TV

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