Friendly match: Beşiktaş: 3 NK Zadar: 0

Updated: August 2, 2015

Beşiktaş have won their last friendly game at the Austria camp with a convincing 3-0 scoreline against Croatian opponents NK Zadar. New transfer Mario Gómez was not included in the match squad. Striker Cenk Tosun once again made a good impression by scoring 2 goals, making for a total of 4 goals in the last 3 friendly matches he appeared in. Star player Ricardo Quaresma was in the starting line-up for the first time since his return to the club, but he unfortunately missed a penalty when the score was still 0-0. Beşiktaş have now completed the camp with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

Beşiktaş XI:  Günay Güvenç (46′ Cenk Gönen), Beck, Rhodolfo (46′ Franco), Milosevic, İsmail Köybaşı (63′ Muhammed Enes Durmuş), Atiba Hutchinson (46′ Motta), Serdar Kurtuluş, Quaresma (46′ Necip), Olcay (77′ Hamza Küçükköylü), Kerim Frei (46′ Ömer Şişmanoğlu), Cenk Tosun (63′ Eslem Öztürk)

Head coach: Şenol Güneş

NK Zadar XI: Gluic (90′ Jurcevic) Tovic (86′ Culina), Viduka, Tokic, Batur (68′ Deak), Jurjevic (89′ Lisica), Anic, Juric (72′ Bilaver), Tercec (81′ Jutic), Cirjak (89′ Miletic), Butic (69′ Vasic)

Head coach: Bozidar Miletic

Goals: Cenk Tosun (18′, 58′), Milosevic (80′)

Head coach Şenol Güneş had the following to say after the match: “The score wasn’t important in this easy match, but our opponent played hard. We tried to play good football while keeping the tempo at a high level. We trained very hard each day at this camp and I want to thank my players for their effort. I tried to give playing time to all my players and tried them out at different positions, so that I could see what they are capable of. I saw I have a good and experienced group, but we are still going to improve ourselves.”

Central defender Alexander Milosevic, who scored the last goal of the match, had this to say: “This was a good friendly match. We tried to keep possession while keeping the tempo high. I scored a goal. It is a good thing that we have competition in the team, because we are going to have a long season in which we might experience injuries and match bans. Competition also keeps the concentration in the team at a high level.”

New transfer Andreas Beck made the following statements: “This was an important match against a Croatian opponent and it went well. We have been training very hard the last few days. We have a long season in front of us. The transfer of Mario Gómez is very important for Beşiktaş and Turkey as a whole. He has amazing statistics. We have won the Bundesliga and a European Championship (U-21) together. His presence at the team means a great deal to me.”

Lastly left-back İsmail Köybaşı said the following after the friendly match: “It’s important to win even though it is a friendly match. We have been pressing good from the front. I believe we have good days ahead of us. I’m very glad I have completed the camp without an injury. I even played as a captain this match, which increased my responsibility. I’m confident our new transfers will be of benefit to the team.”

Source: Haber1903


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