Last order of business on Ozan Tufan’s transfer

Updated: August 10, 2015

For the past two weeks Beşiktaş have been trying to work out a money plus player trade deal with Bursaspor for their young midfielder Ozan Tufan.

Beşiktaş offered Bursaspor Mustafa Pektemek, Ertuğrul Sağlam said okay to this but the player himself did not agree to move to Bursa. Naturally when clubs are considering to trade players, it isn’t just up to the clubs as the players have their say also. After that Beşiktaş offered Necip Uysal to Bursaspor, but the Green Crocodiles weren’t interested in his services.

Finally Beşiktaş made a ‘cash only’ offer to Bursaspor in the region of € 5,5-6 million, Bursaspor have studied this offer but there are some problems with the payment method. Bursaspor want the entire sum at once while Beşiktaş want to pay the fee in installments.

Besides Beşiktaş there are also other interested parties, Valencia recently gave up on the transfer as Bursaspor’s demands were simply too high. But rivals Galatasaray have also expressed interest and it is rumoured that Fenerbahçe may also try and get involved in the debate.

Ozan Tufan’s preference is clear however, Şenol Güneş is a key factor in his decision. The talented midfielder wants to work together again with his former mentor.

Everything is pointing towards an Ozan Tufan departure this summer at Bursaspor, despite their reluctance to sell. The player has set his mind on a move and will likely get one, the question is which club will manage to get away with his signature.


Source: Firat Günayer

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