Güneş vetoes Valdés transfer

Updated: August 30, 2015

The transfer of Victor Valdés to Beşiktaş is off the table. After the board reached an agreement with the Spanish goalkeeper, the decision was up to head coach Şenol Güneş. He has now apparently said ‘no’ to this transfer, according to Firat Günayer.


Transfering a player to Beşiktaş goes as follows: Güneş says what kind of player he wants and for which position, and the board finds and agrees with these types of players. Then the decision to transfer the player is up to Güneş. However, this was not exactly done this way with this transfer.

Güneş did not want a goalkeeper, but wanted to continue with the 3 goalkeepers he already had in his squad (Tolga, Günay and Cenk). Even when Cenk left the club, Güneş only wanted to continue with Tolga and Günay, with the former being his first choice. However, the board wanted a new goalkeeper and reached an agreement with Valdés. They even bought him a plane ticket to Istanbul for yesterday (August 29). So then the choice was up to Güneş. He changed his mind 3 times and finally vetoed the move, so Valdés did not come. The deal is now off, which is also being confirmed by Gianluca Di Marzio and Spanish newspaper Marca.


Yusuf Paklaci

Editor at Beşiktaş International
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Yusuf Paklaci