Mario Gómez: “I want to stay at Beşiktaş”

Updated: October 11, 2015

Beşiktaş‘ star player Mario Gómez had an interview at the Ümraniye Nevzat Demir complex of the club. This is what the striker had to say:

“We have started the season well”


Mario Gómez has hit the ground running in Turkey with six goals in his first seven Süper Lig games.

“It’s going pretty well in general. I’m a bit ill but I’m happy we don’t have a game this weekend. We started the season well and the team is looking good. We lost some easy points but also got important points against stronger opponents. We still have a long way to go and still have important things to take care of. We were lucky in the final part of our last game. The game shouldn’t have come to that point.”

“We are still not at 100%”

“I had 2 tough years at Fiorentina. I need to find my rhythm to play in the national team again. I am not ready yet. Şenol Güneş said to me that I ‘will start scoring once I’m physically ready’ . I trusted him and he was right because I started scoring goals. Will I play for Germany at the European Championship in France? Only God knows. I’m not concentrating on that right now. I’m a lot further now than I was in this period last season. I didn’t have the chance to become physically well like now. I’m still not at 100%, just like the team isn’t at 100% yet. If we get used to each other, I will become even better.”diyor

“I have wanted to score goals since I was 3 or 4 years old”

“I have wanted to score goals since I was 3 or 4 years old. I’m 30 years old now and my first goal is to become champions. The last 2 games we played showed that we can do this. Of course goals are still important to become champions. However, if I had to choose between become champions or becoming second and the league’s top goal-scorer I’d go for the championship.”

“Despite the fact Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe aren’t playing good football…”


Among the German’s six goals were two against arch rivals Fenerbahçe, securing the first victory in a big derby in two seasons for the Black Eagles.

“We have played 7 games so far, so we still have a long way to go. We have teams like Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray behind us. Despite the fact they aren’t playing good football they’re only 2 points behind us. This is showing the quality they posses. The only thing we need to do is do our job. We have to be more careful against the smaller opponents, because everyone will see you as the favorites in those kinds of matches. Maybe we start those matches as the favorites, but we have seen against Gençlerbirliği and Eskişehirspor what can happen if we lack concentration.”

“I would like to stay at Beşiktaş

When Gómez is asked about a possible return to Fiorentina next season because of his good performances, he replies: “This is a good situation for me. I’m only concentrating on my work here right now. I’m at ease at Beşiktaş and would like to stay here. When we will speak about this at the end of the season we will make the best decision for all sides without any problems. I’m not focusing on a transfer or EURO2016 right now but on my current performance.”

“Our main goal is the championship”


Şenol Güneş has put a lot of faith in Mario Gómez, which saw the German return to his scoring ways.

“We have to move step by step. Our main goal definitely is the championship, because this is what our fans expect. Of course I would like to win the Europa League, I haven’t won that one yet. If I win that trophy I will have won all possible trophies on club level, so that would be a great success for me personally. What has surprised me is that there’s not much information in Germany about Turkish clubs, while their potential is huge. We didn’t have the best players when we won the Champions League with Bayern Munich, but we had a great team spirit. Great successes start with that. Güneş has explained his plans at the start of the season. He said he knew about my talent and experience. However, he said I could only show this when my physical condition was good as well. I haven’t had an unhappy moment in my Beşiktaş career. Güneş immediately started communicating with me and explained his trust in me. The talks I have with him are very similar to the ones I had with Jupp Heynckes. I haven’t been uneasy here at all.”

“Passing in the box isn’t a bad thing”

“Passing in the box between teammates isn’t a bad thing. This is very understandable. Big teams create more chances against smaller teams, so it’s natural they will miss more chances. We are always trying to play offensively. When the score is 2-0, you have to make it 3-0. We have witnessed this in our last match. The game could have finished 2-2 in the last minute.”

“Cenk Tosun is a good striker”

When Gómez is asked about a formation with 2 strikers, he says: “I’m not a reporter, I’m just a player. It’s not my job to question the decisions my coach makes. I don’t have the right to criticize my coach, I’m just a player who has to do his job. The team is very happy we have more than 1 striker. Cenk Tosun is a good striker. We are trying to help each other as much as possible. He is a good player and has a good personality. We will play together as well.”

“Our fans make the noise of 150.000 people”

“Our fans can make a lot of noise. We are playing in a stadium with a capacity of 80.000 and it looks empty when only 40.000 people are coming. However, those 40.000 people make the noise of 150.000 people. When the game against Fenerbahçe went 2-2, our fans still were behind us. They have helped us very much, they know that themselves.”

“The referees here aren’t bad”

“I don’t believe the referees in Turkey are bad. The media here criticizes everyone. I believe the referees try to do the best they can. Believe me, I have seen much worse referees in my career than the ones here.”

Mario Gómez hopes to make a return to the Mannschaft, for whom he already scored 25 goals in 60 appearances, at the 2016 EURO's in France.

Mario Gómez hopes to make a return to the Mannschaft, for whom he already scored 25 goals in 60 appearances, at the 2016 EURO’s in France.

“My teammates assist me very well”

“We all play for Beşiktaş. Everyone on the pitch has different tasks depending on their positions. The goalkeeper and striker get the most attention in general. We have a lot of good players here who feed me very well. They provide me with good assists. They don’t do this just with me, also with my other teammates. If you keep in mind it’s just the start of the season, we had a lot of new players and a new coach, we have done a great job so far. I don’t have a special name I can point out. Maybe this is the secret to our success. The players who come later have done a good job, we have become a good group and we are benefiting of this.”

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