Gökhan Süzen on his Beşiktaş nightmare

Updated: October 13, 2015

In the last week Beşiktaş came to an agreement to mutually terminate the contract’s of Gökhan Süzen. Süzen was transferred in the 2012-2013 season and only played 12 games total. He has now come out to criticize the way the Black Eagles have treated him these past years. Here is what he had to say:

“They wanted me to give up”

“They wanted me to give up psychologically. They didn’t let me play in a match for 1.5 month. In the cup game against Bucaspor all the reserves got playing time, but they didn’t let me play again. Slaven Bilic one time wanted me to play in a league game. We warmed up and the game was about to start. Then all of a sudden he took me out and didn’t let me play in that match. They acted like I didn’t exist.”

“Özen was the main reason…”

Süzen is asked about former sportive director Önder Özen: “He praised me a lot when he was on television. When he started working at Beşiktaş, we had a private talk. He wrote my name on the board and said I would play as a left-back, with Olcay in front of me. I don’t know what happened after that, but our relationship changed a lot. I think he is the main reason I was left out of the squad.”

“Bilic was totally mocking me”

The left-back wanted to bring up a dialogue he had with former head coach Slaven Bilic. He says: “When there were 3 days left until the transfer window, Bilic had a talk with me. He said: ‘you are working hard, I’m happy with you, I could let you play. You could play in 5 matches or in 3. Or I could give you no playing time at all. You should just leave’. He was totally making fun of me. I told my translator to tell him ‘I’m not a person who speaks with someone who is mocking me like that. You can’t talk to me like that. Tell him that.’ When I was left out of the squad, we found out by a mail my manager Semih Usta received. I called him and said ‘Isn’t there anyone who could call me and tell me this to my face like a man?'”

“I tried to keep my morale high”

Süzen was transferred to Beşiktaş when Samet Aybaba was still the head coach. When Süzen is asked about that period, he replies: “Aybaba really wanted my transfer. He even said ‘thank God Süzen is ours now’. Everything started great. The derby against Galatasaray was my first match. I played very well. Three games after that I made one mistake and that same Aybaba said ‘We haven’t benefited of Gökhan very well’. I tried to keep my morale high and tried to give it my all for the team despite statements like this.”

“I love Beşiktaş

Süzen, who says he has always been proud to be a Besiktas player, then had this to say: “I love and respect Beşiktaş. Before I moved to Beşiktaş one of the rivals offered me twice the amount I get here. However, because I promised Beşiktaş I didn’t back out and kept my promise. I made sacrifices and came here. I just wish I had gotten the chance to show my true quality.”

“My goal is Europe in January”

When Süzen is finally asked about his future plans, he says: “Guus Hiddink called me up to the national squad. Sampdoria made me a transfer offer because of the reference they got from him. I didn’t find it enough though. I don’t think there’s a position left I haven’t played, besides the position of goalkeeper. I’m a very versatile player and I work hard. I’m waiting for January. My goal is to play in Europe. Money isn’t as important. Even if I would earn less then I would here, I would still choose Europe over Turkey.”

Source: Bugün

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