STSL: Antalyaspor: 1 Beşiktaş: 5

Updated: October 26, 2015

Beşiktaş capitalized on the draw between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray on Sunday by getting an impressive 1-5 away victory in Antalya on matchday 9 of the Spor Toto Süper Lig.

Antalyaspor – Beşiktaş was the inauguration match for the brand new Antalya arena, the 33.000 seater stadium had nearly 20.000 fans in attendance for the matchday 9 closer. The hosts could not end the match the way they wanted however as they lost their first ever game at their new stadium with a four goal margin.

The Black Eagles started well to the game and took an early lead via Necip Uysal, after Antalyaspor failed to properly clear a corner the ball found his way to Ersan Gülüm who was taken down by goalkeeper M’Bolhi, a penalty worthy offence but the ball ended up with Necip Uysal who fired in to the goal from a tight angle.

Several minutes later the Black Eagles could have been two goals up, but Olcay could not get past M’Bolhi. The Algerian international saved his team from an early 2-0 deficit and cleared the ball to the other end of the pitch, where Ismail Köybasi accidently presented the ball to Samuel Eto’o who capitalized on the leftback’s mistake and pulled the game level after 21 minutes.

The home crowd could not celebrate for long however as M’Bolhi could not properly clear Ricardo Quaresma’s shot and the ball ended up in his goal once again thanks to Mario Gómez heading it across the goalline, although it appeared to had already crossed and therefore Lig TV are creditting the goal to Ricardo Quaresma rather than Gómez.

Beşiktaş continued to push for their third goal and had several more opportunities to exploit Antalyaspor’s defence but failed to score a third before halftime.

Mario Gómez celebrates his second of the game, or will his first be awarded to Quaresma by the TFF?

Mario Gómez celebrates his second of the game, or will his first be awarded to Quaresma by the TFF?

It did not last all too long in the second half however as Andreas Beck’s cross found Mario Gómez in the box, who killed the game from close range.

A few minutes laters the German was sent through on goal by Olcay and did well to keep the defence behind him, his finish however skimmed the outside of the wide post and went out.

But the Black Eagles would prove relentless as Olcay Şahan got his third of the season after an excellent throughball by Oguzhan Özyakup.

Olcay had to fill the void left by Gökhan Töre's absence and did exactly that with an excellent performance on the day.

Olcay had to fill the void left by Gökhan Töre’s absence and did exactly that with an excellent performance on the day.

Antalyaspor were on the ropes and Şenol Güneş put on a second striker with Cenk Tosun as the Black Eagles continued to press for more goals.

Necip Uysal first set up Cenk Tosun with the fifth goal with an excellent long ball behind the defensive line, but the young striker saw his attempt with the outside of his foot stopped by M’Bolhi.

He would geth is goal however as again an excellent long ball from Necip sent Kerim Frei through ont he right wing, Kerim dribbled down the backline and lured M’bolhi out of his goal before squaring it to Cenk Tosun for the simple empty goal finish.

And it did not end there as Cenk Tosun nearly put another past M’bolhi in the final seconds of added time, but the Algerian international managed to prevent furhter humilation for the home side.


Stadium: Antalya Arena

Officlas: İlker Meral, Bülent Gökçü, Hakan Yemişken, Orkun Aktaş(4. officials)
Beşiktaş: Tolga, Beck, Rhodolfo, Ersan, İsmail, Necip, Atiba, Quaresma(69′ Kerim), Oğuzhan(79′ Cenk), Olcay, Gomez(86′ Mustafa)

Reserves: Günay, Serdar K., Milosevic, Tosic, Kerim, Mustafa, Cenk

Head coach: Şenol Güneş

Antalyaspor: M’Bolhi, Ömer, Lokman, Sakıb, Angelo, Makoun(46′ Emre), Emrah(58′ Serdar Özkan), Zeki, Lazarevic, Gusmao, Eto’o(82′ Diarra)
Reserves: Ozan, Celustka, Kadir, Serdar Özkan, Ozan, Emre, Diarra
Head coach: Yusuf Şimşek

Goals: Necip (14′), Eto’o (21′), Mario Gomez (27′, 63′), Olcay (72′), Cenk (89′)

Yellow cards: Lokman (2′), Makoun (3′), Rhodolfo (31′), Ersan (56′), Eto’o (67′)

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