Filip analyzes: Besiktas vs Sivasspor

Updated: November 23, 2015

Sivasspor is one of the weakest teams in the league according to the league table and they remain a candidate for relegation, so it can’t be any surprise, that our players started this match with a lot of self-confidence. In the first 15 minutes, we can feel like Saturday, watching El Classico. Sivas players, in white shirts almost like Real Madrid, could just stand and look at the Black Eagles play their Turkish-style “tiki-taka”. Besiktas players dribbled and formed excellent combinations. They danced! In this time we should have scored maybe 2 or 3 goals. Unfortunately after the opening quarter it was as if somebody turned off the music.

Our guys stopped dancing and They began to allow the opposition to play more offensively and create some chances. Tolga had several times unnecessarily gotten dirty, Ersan once again was a bit battered, and Ismail had to once again prove that he is a better solution than Tosic. Fortunately we got rewarded for these dificult period in the final minutes of the first half. Honestly we have to say it – with a sparkle of luck, because the penalty foul on Atiba was questionable, but Mario Gómez converted the spotkick and it was absolutely deserved.

The second half gave us all the same things as always – a lot of wasted chances, some nervous moments and a happy ending which put the dots on the “i”. We were all hoping for more goals, but 3 points are 3 points. So what can take away from this game?

Olcay’s missed chances

I truly love this guy. For real. Olcay put a lot of heart on the pitch, he’s fighting for every ball and working as hard in both deffence and offence throughout the game. And in my opinion we really need this guy in the team. But unfortunately, he’s getting more and more permormances like this one. Our winger works very well in the middle of the pitch, but in the offensive department he has done everything wrong in this match. He squandered chcances to score, good opportunities to provide an assist and lost possession on the pitch stumbling over the ball. This was a bad day for him all in all. Not the first time either, and not the last one for sure. But all my memories about Olcay’s great moments, and supporters chanting his name when he left the pitch while being replaced by Kerim, make me confident that he’ll still have a lot to give us. We just need to be patient with him…

Interestingly, some of our players decided to support Olacy today and also squandered their 100% chances. Two for for Gómez and one for Sosa and Cenk respectively will definitely back to them in the nightmares.

The Immortal Ersan and a solid Rhodolfo

Our central defenders have had some work today and made a few mistakes here and there. They both made so many sacrifices today, so we just can’t be angry with them. Ersan after some collisions once again had some injury scares. If it continues like this in every match, then he really could use some rest. Problems appear on the horizon, meanwhile Milosevic and Franco weren’t even on the bench today.

We should give credit to Luiz Rhodolfo today. At the start of the 2nd half he did a fantastic job when he took a huge risk to steal the ball from the broken through Aatif Chahechouhe, one of the best goalscorers in the Süper Lig in the past two seasons. Chahechouhe was clear through on goal but with a last grasp tackle, Rhodolfo stole the ball from him. The Sivasspor bench was furious as they thought it should have been a penalty and a red card for Rhodolfo, but the replay showed that his tackle was inch perfect and on the ball. Had the 29 year old Moroccan scored an equalizer, We might have been in a lot of trouble. Fortunately we had the former Grémio captain in our team, and he knows what to do with quick guys like Aatif.

Tradition has been upheld, but why? There is a reason!

The first change for Besiktas today was inserting Necip for Sosa. No surprise? Not at all. Because Sosa was playing really well today, our offensive midfielder wasn’t too happy, when he saw that he had to come off the pitch. I think that a lot of us also didn’t understand Senol’s decision.

However, when I put more thought in to this situation, I come to the conclusion that this change wasn’t irrational at all. With a battered Ersan on the pitch, we just needed a player who can help our defence out a bit more than Sosa. It was not a change to maintain the result, because Senol knows that we should score a few more goals today, but a way to prevent unnecesary troubles.

MVP, MOTM, Mr. Footballer or just – Oguzhan

The revelation of our season so far and he proved this once again in this match. After a fantastic attitude in the first matches of the season, he had some troubles, but now he once again has caught the wind in his sails. All of the goals Ozzie scored this season have been really improtant, he give sus quality in combinations, sent some fantastic passes and despite the still young age he has everything to be our leader. This young gentlemen can win us the championship this season.

Meanwhile, Sivasspor still had some troubles…

A few numbers:

  • Mario Gómez has already scored his 9th Süper Lig goal this season in 12 appearances.
  • 7.60 – this is the season overall rating for Oguzhan Ozyakup. He’s currently the highest rated player in the Süper Lig this season. Today he was also the best player on the pitch with an 8.70 rating, with 2 shots, 5 key passes and of course 1 goal.
  • “King of passes” Atiba Hutchinson had a 92,2% passing accuracy today and still is the best in the league in this statistic (including all matches). Today on the pitch there was only one player who completed at least 15 passes with a better PA%  than him. Wait, OMG… It was Necip.
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