Beşiktaş – Galatasaray post-match reactions

Updated: December 15, 2015

Şenol Güneş: “We are trying to play football and we play to win. I congratulate all my players. They gave everything they had. I also want to congratulate our fans. We played against a good opponent and deserved to win. We were eliminated in the Europa League with a score we didn’t deserve, but football doesn’t allow mistakes. I wish Tolga and Günay a better future. We really needed these 3 points. There was going to be written a lot if we lost today but we played like we did against Sporting. You keep asking us about a goalkeeper before every game, Ospina and what not. We already know we need a goalkeeper. Then they talk about a central defender. Thank God my players weren’t effected by this. There is no right or wrong in Turkey, just comments. What difference was there from the Sporting game?”

Oğuzhan Özyakup: “I want to congratulate my friends, our technical staff and our entire fanbase. We grabbed a nice victory. We lost the Sporting game while we played well, but when we lose we do it all together. We were in complete control of the game since the start. We got in good scoring positions and we didn’t give our opponent any chances.”

Ersan Gülüm: “We were in control of the game. We played well and put pressure on our opponent. Our fans supported us well. We conceded a goal after a mistake, while we were putting the pressure on them. We knew we were going to score. We didn’t give up and succeeded in winning the game. We are now going to continue our road. We want to finish the first half of the season as leaders. We played in the same fashion in previous seasons but we were a new team back then. We are now more experienced in derby’s. We won and we are happy.”

Mario Gómez: “It was a tough game for us because we lost our lead a few days ago and did not deserve to go out of Europe. So we were all a bit disappointed and not happy about this, but we focussed on the next game and we did well. I think Galatasaray had no chance tonight and they still managed to score a goal but we won and deserved it. The good thing for me is I don’t understand the newspapers, I think they tried to unbalance us after our last game. We’ve won both our derbies now so I think we must be a strong team and it shows that we have good team atmosphere.”

Günay Güvenç: “Last season I handled every ball well when I got out of my goal, today unfortunately I couldn’t get it far enough. If the team would’ve lost because of this mistake I would’ve been very sad. I don’t want to ruin the effort the team is making but mistakes happen. I’m happy for the team, we got the 3 points and recovered my mistake. Sometimes you lose 3-0 and the man of the match is still the goalkeeper, other times you win despite a goalkeeper making a mistake. I’m still hopeful for myself. If I got in the same position tomorrow I would still get out of my goal, I wouldn’t be scared. Tolga was criticized unrightly after last week’s Sporting game. He got his act together well but couldn’t get into the squad because of an injury to the waist. I want to do my best when my coach puts his faith in me. I don’t know why my fans are supporting me after my mistake, while they treated Tolga differently last week. I think the fans should support everyone. I was very sad for what happened. This is an experience for me. I want to ask our fans to trust in us. With their trust we will hopefully become champions.”

Source: LigTV

Yusuf Paklaci

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