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Updated: December 15, 2015

When I was promoting my last text about the match against Kayserispor, I wrote on to my Twitter: “And now a week with Sporting and GS, huh, it is possible that the next time I won’t be able to write in such a good humor.”. A hard match in Europe, and a few days later e huge derby – it looks really dangerous on the calendar. Even if Galatasaray play badly and have their weakest squad in years, in a clash like this still anything can happen. Fortunately, Beşiktaş managed to end this horrific week in style. Dropping out of the Europa League hurts, but in both matches our team did a great job. Most of our problems in these two big games unexpectedly weren’t created by our opponents, but by our own goalkeepers.

The curious case of Tolga and Günay

This part I might as well call: “My controversial opinion” and I’m sure that many of you won’t agree with me. I really like Tolga. And I also think that he’s good. Not just as a person, but also in my opinion he’s a really good keeper. He’s absolutely better than NT candidates Mert or Onur this season. His problem is mental. Mostly in important matches and  the mistakes he’s made have paralyzed him. Perhaps a mental coach would eliminate this problem? I don’t know. Should we buy a new goalkeeper? Probably yes. Is the way how Tolga was lynched after the Sporting game correct from our fans? Absolutely not.

I believed that Tolga would have shown a good performance in the match against Galatasaray and then I could start today’s text with the words: “I told you so!”. Unfortunately, he did not even give me a chance and this is my main complaint I have against our captain. On the other hand – if he really felt that he’s absolutely not ready for the match,  inform the staff (I guess that’s how it happened) before the game, instead of trying still to clear his good name regardless of the consequences. It was the move some consider honorable. However, the man who left the team at that moment certainly is not worthy of the captain’s armband.

Finally, we’ve got Günay as a replacement for Tolga and he… also made a huge mistake. Even worse, if not for the meteoric goal of Super Mario and the support of Ersan, he probably would have collapsed completely. Günay has a great heart, his commitment and devotion to the team is impressive, but when I see the goalkeeper, who is absolutely broken after his error, then I think: “Oh, wait, it’s not level for this kid”. Fortunately ,  supported by his colleagues he managed to get up and gave some solid interventions. However, sorry, but if you ask me who should start in the next game, for me the error and subsequent behavior of Gunay (beautiful, because of it’s emotionality, but completely unprofessional.) there is no doubt – it should be Tolga.

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My problem is that I almost unconditionally believe in our players. I guess you’re right – if ospina should come then Tolga should leave in the summer. However, you have to let that happen first – I love both Tolga and Günay and I would like them to beat their problems and again prove that they deserve a place in the team like no other. Naive? After all, we love football just for his romantic side, don’t we?

Incredible Mario Gómez

What an answer! In a moment, when we all thought the match was lost due to another unfortunate mistake, Mario Gómez didn’t give a f*ck and did what he was there to do. After a season  in which we were delighted by Demba Ba’s performance, nobody could have guessed that for less money, we can gain a striker who is even better than him. And he is definitely that! Mario has already done some awesome things, and what’s even more important, he’s only getting better game after game. Such a goal in that situations in this kind of match may be scored only by players from the absolutely highest level. We envied Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe for their experienced players who at key moments can turn things around (like Sneijder or Emre in the last seasons). Now we’ve got one ourselves. And it’s an awesome one.

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Complete domination

The result is certainly the most important, but the way we have overcome Galatasaray gives us additional reasons to celebrate. Our guys thoroughly dominated and practically didn’t let the Lions create a single good opportunity throughout the entire match (still somehow they got on the scoresheet). Another very good match was played by Ismail (I only wish this wasted situation), Beck completely excluded Yasin from the game, our central midfielders performed a lot of great passes, and showed some nice defending skill in the high pressing and both Ersan and Rodholfo showed that they’re probably the best central defensive pair in our squad. They also confirmed that on the wings we have 4 good candidates to play (Olcay and Q17 did a good job, but Kerim and Gökhan both had perfect substitutions). And of course the fantastic Mario Gómez I mentioned earlier. Galatsaray in this form had nothing to say and I can’t remember such a one-sided derby for a long time. Add to that an earlier win against Fenerbahçe and then we note the really exceptional round. It bodes well.

Cup time!

On Thursday we play the first match of the Turkish cup group stages against Karabükspor. They have a good team and are fighting for a return to the Süper Lig.  There’s an important question – if they’ll really care about these cup games, when they have a lot of important things to do in the league? If no – this should be an easy task even for our second eleven. If yes – then there could be little problems. However, I think that it’s the perfect time to give a chance to players who have so far mostly sat on the bench. Kerim and Cenk will be able to shine, Franco and Milosevic deserve a chance, for Eslem it’s a natural step in his development to play in these cup games and Ramon can prove that he is still of value to the team. It should be interesting.

P.S. But please, let’s not play Mustafa. Perhaps he gets bored and leaves in the winter?

A few interesting numbers:

  • We won our first encounter against Galatasaray in 10 matches.
  • Günay appeared in our colors for the 12th time. It was his third derby. Nice average.
  • “King of passes” Atiba Hutchinson had a perfect night and ended the night with 100% passing accuracy (45 completed passes). However, congratulations in this side should also go to Oguzhan, who with 87,5% PA completed 72 passes, and recored an impressive number of 6 key passes.

Best player of the game (from Mario Gómez 8.12 rate, one goal, 6 shots of which 4 on target, one key pass and one of the most inexplicable yellow cards for a long time.

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