The Fulya case, explained by Emre Hastürk

Updated: December 18, 2015

Over the past week there have been a lot of reports in the media concerning the court case surrounding the Fulya complex and Yildirim Demirören, but what is it exactly? Emre Hastürk explains it to you in the following article.

What is the Fulya case? Most people misunderstand the Fulya case, as it is believed to be the case to get what Beşiktaş deserves from the Fulya complex, which is the key to Beşiktaş’ economic freedom.  The reality is different however as the case does not only represent the Fulya complex but it actually cancels the acquittal of the Financial and General Assembly of 2008 which means that the board during that time period is responsible for all the economical loss of the club during the period of their administration. This only takes place if the current board members get together and start a lawsuit against the board members of that period.

What happened within the Fulya Complex project? The inside of the Fulya complex project was prepared and agreed with a rate of %67 to 33% in Beşiktaş’ favour, however there were some agreements made which led to a huge amount of loss for Beşiktaş. At first the difference was 32.000m², which was changed to only 6,481m² after the project auction. This loss of land was just the beginning of the controversial agreements. Most areas that were given to Beşiktaş from the complex were only used as parking areas. In 2008 the board members stated that the income from the parking lot was higher than the apartment complex given to the contractor but in the past 7 years these numbers were proven to be wrong. There was also a controversial agreement made with a gas station. The gas station located at the center of Fulya was leased for only around 8000TL. This number is too low considering that it is in the middle of İstanbul, Turkey’s largest city. Ahmet Nur Cebi himself said that the rent should be at least $85000 and this agreement should be revised. The key money demanded was $13m  which was also not given to the club. Acibadem hospital had an agreement that the gas stations storage unit was going to be moved further away because it is close to the emergency entrance, the gas station never moved the storage and the Beşiktaş board couldn’t handle the issue because of the long term agreement which had been made. Due to this, Beşiktaş isn’t able to fulfill the requirements of the agreement with the Acibadem hospital and this led to a loss of around $8m. These are just a few examples of this corrupt situation but it is obvious that some names received unearned income, Beşiktaş’s money. The agreements were done in Yildirim Demiroren’s term, which led to the Fulya court case.

The Fulya case has been won but it is not over yet. This does not mean that Beşiktaş will finally get their deserved money. This case cancels the acquittal of the Financial and General Assembly of 2008. The current board has the chance of having the congress with the board members of 2008 and getting everything checked. The recovery for all the loss could be asked and the dept of $100m to Demiroren will be erased.

This is far from over, but the first battle has been won atleast…

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