Osmanlıspor – Beşiktaş post-match reactions

Updated: December 21, 2015

“Of course Osmanlıspor can’t win a game at home”

Şenol Güneş: “Winning is important, but playing football is more important. To play football the conditions should be good. We can’t control the cold weather but the pitch is in our hands. It’s really a shame, it can be cold but it can’t be broken. They say Osmanli can’t win a game at home, of course they can’t. It’s a shame to give permission to this, people can get injured. It was important for all players to play for the win. The ball boys at the side of the pitch give the ball late, the pitch is bad. We should move past this, this was being done 50 years ago. I’m not saying this to escape the fact today’s game was bad. Everything should be good and we should watch the game.”

Güneş then explained why Gökhan Töre didn’t play and commented at Galatasaray’s head coach Mustafa Denizli, who claimed that his team was done harm by the referees last week in the derby: “If I would say who was being done harm, who is doing what…. If the referee gives the goal you kick-off, if he doesn’t you don’t. Everyone is talking though so I don’t get a turn. Gökhan is very important for us, but he is in a downfall. He had some issues while warming up, that’s why I didn’t play him. We will win many more games with a good Gökhan. He knows that too, he should know it.”

“The goalkeeper couldn’t see the ball”

José Sosa: “It was a tough game, we fought until the last minute of the game. We suffered, the weather and pitch conditions made us struggle but we managed to win the game. The player that came to put me under pressure blocked the sight of the goalkeeper and that’s why I took a shot at the far post. The goalkeeper couldn’t see the ball and that’s why it became a nice goal. Osmanlıspor played a good first half, but we showed what a team we are in the second half and played our real game and we won.”

“There could have been an injury”

Olcay Şahan: “It was a difficult away game, the weather conditions were tough. I want to congratulate the people who were at ease with us playing with these conditions on this pitch. The risk of getting injured is high on this pitch, there could have been an injury. It was like we played with that in our minds. Nobody could keep his balance. Despite this we are happy we won the game. There is one league game left during the first half of the season.”

“It was nearly impossible to play on this pitch”

Atiba Hutchinson: “We grabbed 3 important points today. We started the game slowly and couldn’t play our best game. We warned ourselves during the break that we should play in a higher tempo and fight for each other. We showed character today and grabbed the points. I’m looking out for myself. I should make sure I’m ready for our next game as soon as possible. This is a hard period. This wasn’t a pitch that could be played on, it was nearly impossible.”

Source: LigTV


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