Tolgay Arslan speaks to Lig TV

Updated: December 26, 2015

Tolgay Arslan had an interview with Lig TV yesterday. The midfielder tore his ACL in the Austria camp in July and has been out with this injury ever since. He was mainly asked about his injury period, his relationship with Şenol Güneş and his chances for the Turkish national team.

“I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel”

“My injury period was very tiring. The first months were very difficult. My wife and son supported me a lot and I worked hard. My knee is okay right now. I’m seeing light at the end of tunnel, I’m seeing the pitch. I have missed playing aggressively, fighting out duels and working hard. I’ve had a long injury 4 years ago as well. I know myself, I’m very eager and work hard. I was disappointed that I couldn’t help the team out, but I tried not to be sad. I have only watched 2 games of the team so far. It’s hard to watch the team from far away, but I need to let my head and knee rest.”

“Güneş’ support was great”

“My relationship with Şenol Güneş is good. I want to thank him as well. He has called me every week and asked me about my situation. His support was great, which was very important to me. He defended me. Why we won our derby’s this season? I can’t give a very accurate opinion since I wasn’t present but I have joined the team again and I didn’t see very big changes. If we look at the table, we are only 1 point ahead. We need to continue like this, but also need to look at our opponents, since they grab a lot of points as well. If we don’t win 2 or 3 games they will pass us.”

“They play harder in Turkey”

“The Turkish league is very aggressive, but there is no big difference with the German league. They play very disciplined in Germany. They lock up the defense 90 minutes long, while the game opens up in Turkey after 60 to 70 minutes. They play harder here though.”

“Eslem wasn’t at fault”

“There was an offer from Europe for me before, but I didn’t want to leave. I’m very happy here. My work here isn’t over, I want to win cups. I have lost half a year. I need to look out for myself. When I play a few games, everyone will talk about Tolgay Arslan again. Eslem wasn’t at fault when I got injured, it was my own fault. I was very tired that day. I wish I would have left early, but I wanted to go on.”

“I don’t think I can play for Turkey”

“Spain and France are the favorites at Euro 2016. Turkey is in a very tough group, I think Spain will definitely go through. All teams in the group have a chance to go through with them. We are working on it, but I don’t think I have a chance to play for Turkey. I have changed my choice of nation two times as a youngster, so I can’t get called up to the Turkish national team. I didn’t know it was a mistake. I’m going to take my chances though, we are working on it.”

Yusuf Paklaci

Editor at Beşiktaş International
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Yusuf Paklaci