Dnipro duo set for Beşiktaş switch?

Updated: December 29, 2015

We’ve been covering the developments of transfer rumours linking Dnipro duo Denys Boyko and Douglas Silva Bacelar to Beşiktaş for the past week or two.


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Today Ukrainian football website ua-football.com published an article claiming that goalkeeper Denys Boyko and central defender Douglas Silva are headed to Beşiktaş. The article on it’s own isn’t that important, what is more important however is that Boyko’s agent Vladim Shabliy shared this article on his official Facebook page earlier today and Denys Boyko ‘liked’ the article. This could be a major indicator that Boyko (and Douglas?) are headed to Beşiktaş and that a deal is close. It is expected that the future of both players will be clear by next week according to reports in the Ukraine.

Futbol Ukraine on Twitter confirms that both the Facebook accounts of Shabliy and Denys Boyko are 100% legitimate. And we’d like to credit them for bringing this to our attention, please give them a follow if you’d like to stay up to date on the latest developments of Ukrainian football in English.

About the actual article itself, it should be pointed out that this is clearly not something which has been well researched, the article refers to LIG TV presentator Sansal Büyüka as the ‘sporting director’ of Beşiktaş. Büyüka announced on Monday night’s Maraton program that Beşiktaş have agreed terms with Boyko and Douglas and that an agreement with Dnipro for around € 8 million was also close. This seems to have been picked up by Ukrainian media but they seem to be under the false impression that Büyüka is actually a Beşiktaş club official, well in case you’re reading this guys he most certainly is not. He of course is just a football talkshow host.

Anyway, as previously stated the important thing here isn’t so mucht he article (which is clearly flawed) itself, the most noteworthy thing is that Denys Boyko’s agent shared this article on his Facebook page and that Denys Boyko personally liked this article. Which could be an indicator that the player has his mind set on an adventure in Turkey.

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