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Updated: December 30, 2015

It is hard to imagine something even better at the end of the first half of the season. After one of our worst games of the season in Ankara, this time we saw an almost perfect match. With the exception of a fairly accidental chance for Bajic (btw: very talented guy we should keep an eye on him) our players made it practically impossible for our opponent to create any danger. In addition, in a spectacular way they shot them in the second half. It looked great, but what do we particularly remember from this match?

Quaresma sulks

The Lig TV producer took care that we saw absolutely every step of an offended Ricardo Quaresma. All the rage during his descent off the pitch, not shaking Şenol Güneş‘ hand, throwing shoes and mocking the subsequent trainer’s decision (although for me it was laughter at Gökhan’s celebration, but the producer edited it this way that we first saw Şenol shout something at the incoming Kerim, and then an amused Ricardo). The Portuguese star sulking is nothing new, but isn’t he exaggerating?

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First of all, the decision to change Quaresma could be a surprise. Ricardo grabbed a yellow card, which, given his temperament, always means trouble and risk of weakening the team. However, during the whole match he was one of the best players on the pitch. Şenol ‘s decision defended itself very quickly though – Olcay had a great assist just after his substitution (omg, this action with Mario was so beautiful) and Quaresma was finally our only winger without a goal or assist in this game. Master, a little bit of humility!

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Fortunately, after the match, on the pitch and in the dressing room, Quaresma, supported by colleagues, again looked relatively happy. If this time Şenol won’t be offended by his actions, then everything should be fine. I hope, because it’s good to have a guy in the team who can do THIS:

Colorful autumn

The match against Konyaspor ended the first part of the season for us. A part that was absolutely amazing, full of successes and giving a lot of hope for a championship. We’re leaders after 17 games for the first time since the 2003/04 campaign (12 years!). Then, unfortunately, the Beşiktaş players were not able to maintain their leading position in the spring and finally finished the season at the 3rd place. But now, even though we don’t have Lucescu on the bench, Cordoba in the goal, and Sergen as the “10”, the campaign may have a happy ending.

As could be expected before the season, almost certainly only Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş will be in the championship race. For the benefit of our players, except the tiny one-point advantage, speaks the fact that we end this half with important derby wins and also that in the spring we won’t play in Europe. Paradoxically, Tolga mistake against Sporting… can bring us the championship. Beşiktaş now focuses only on success in Turkey, while the still not fully tuned stars from Fenerbahçe certainly will do anything to show up in Europe. Despite the very strong bench, Fenerbahçe may fail to fight with equal powers on two fronts (like us last year).

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What’s very important, is that Şenol managed to create a team with true leaders. Mario Gómez surprised everyone by showing that there is life after Demba Ba (and undoubtedly even better!) and even though he sometimes makes mistakes, he has an incredible ability to score important goals almost single-handedly. Oğuzhan Özyakup played at his best since the Feda season and he repeatedly demonstrates that he has the papers to be an European playmaker of the highest order. An incredible job in the middle does Atiba Hutchinson, very good performances occur José Sosa, and there is the possibility of rotation on the wings. Which gives confidence is that almost always one of the four Gökhan, Quaresma, Olcay or Kerim (damn, what a joker) will be able to transfix rivals in the ground and create a threat. Surprisingly solid so far were the criticized Necip and Ismail. The whole created a great collective, which very rarely recorded really bad moments, and after additional strengthening (Veli + Tolgay and 1-2 transfers) the team should avoid any mishaps. We have reason to be pleased and the match against Konyaspor definitely confirmed it.

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A few numbers:

  • Kerim Frei has scored every 63 minutes in this Super Lig campaign, more frequent than any player with a min. 90 mins of playing time (from OptaCan twitter)
  • During the last 3 seasons, at matches played by BJK in the role of host, 3 times the light went out in the .. 3 different stadiums. For the first time on November 25th in the stadium of Kasimpasa (also against Konyaspor), then on December 11th at the Atatürk Olimpiyat (against Tottenham) and again in a match with Konyaspor – this time in the Başakşehir Fatih Terim Stadium. All these 3 games were won by Besiktas.
  • A minimum of 3 of our players appeared in the best elevens of first half of the Süper Lig season prepared by three Lig TV experts, portal and (Şansal Büyüka 11: Ismail, Atiba, Oğuzhan, Mario Gomez; Ersun Yanal 11: Ismail, Oğuzhan, Gökhan; Tümer Metin 11: Atiba, Oğuzhan, Sosa, Mario Gómez; Tolga, Oğuzhan, Mario Gómez; Atiba, Oğuzhan, Mario Gómez).
  • In the whole year of 2015 BJK played 52 official games, we won 30 of them, drew 10 and lost 12. We scored 93 goals and conceded 53 (SL: 36, 23-6-7, 71:37; TK: 6, 4-1-1, 12:3; EL: 10, 3-3-4, 10:13)
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