Fikret Orman addresses future plans

Updated: January 2, 2016

Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman had an interview with Beşiktaş TV on New Year’s Day. Here are the highlights of that interview, in which he mainly speaks about the Vodafone Arena and Beşiktaş‘ transfer plans, but also about his personal life.

Orman: “I firstly want to wish the Beşiktaş fans that are watching us on television many happy years. I wish for 2016 to be healthy and without terrorist incidents.”

Question: “Is Besiktas going to play a part of this season in the Vodafone Arena?”
Orman: “Yes, we do have that intention. It was very hard to play without an own stadium with Slaven Bilic and now with Şenol Güneş. All our cash flows will start to come in with the start of the stadium. All our expenses are now going straightly to our debts. We don’t have revenues from our stadium, our only revenue is from our sponsor deals and we were very succesful with those. To overcome this the construction of the stadium has to be finished.”

Question: “What is going to happen in the Vodafone Arena”
Orman: “We have now started working on the pitch and with the seats on the highest stands. It is going to be like a palace. Weddings will be held here, Beşiktaş fans will get married here. We are working on an amazing museum and on restaurants that will be open 24/7. We are now going to close the roof and we are planning on putting up the electric lamps in 7 to 10 days. It is going to be a stadium in which 43.000 people can be connected to WI-FI (4.5G). I want to finish all of Beşiktaş‘ projects in the next 3 years.”

Question: “Şenol Güneş said “crows fly in a crowd, eagles fly alone’. This has been posted by millions of people and has become a motto. What did you feel when he said that?”
Orman: “It especially touched me last week. He has the characteristics of a great coach and person. I wanted to work with him when I first came here, but we couldn’t get it done then. He was also on my mind before we started to work with Slaven, but it didn’t work out then either. Eagles fly alone, he is one of us. Our good relationship with Slaven continues, I hope we can continue to work with Şenol for many years.”

Question: “Whose performance did you like the most? Do you have a secret hero?”
Orman: “We have an amazing squad, we enjoy watching them. So do both Beşiktaş fans and people who aren’t Beşiktaş fans. Our goal against Bursaspor characterizes this. They are all great kids for me, the ones who play and the ones who don’t. I’m pleased with the players that didn’t play, they motivated the ones who do and they didn’t cause any problems. They have a positive effect, for example Pedro Franco, Serdar, Milosevic and I don’t even have to name Mustafa. They are all like that.”

Question: “Which game is the one you can’t forget and which game angered you the most?
Orman: “The game against Liverpool was something else, Tolgay’s goal was insane. We could also name the derbies of this season. We have scored some great goals this season. I was very disappointed after the game against Sporting this season, last season against Akhisar, Gaziantepspor and Club Brugge.”

Question: “Can you give us some good transfer news? Are you planning on selling players?”
Orman: “The thing we want to do first is pay the players we currently have. Two amazing transfers are already on their way, Tolgay and Veli. Tolga’s injury issues along with Günay’s inexperience are giving us concerns for what we might achieve in the title race. We emphasize on getting a goalkeeper, but we are also working on getting a central defender. If our budget allows us to do these transfers we will, which one of the two fits best. We could also transfer both and we could maybe even do a third transfer, but we have financial criteria. We might sell or loan out some of the players who aren’t getting much playing time. We could have that intention.”

Question: “Do you think the Divan Kurulu (council board) of Beşiktaş is harsh? What is your opinion on the general opposition within the club?”
Orman: “I have been a member of the Divan Kurulu for 31 years now. What I see is that because these meetings are broadcasted, people turn it into a show. If we get elected, these meetings will not be broadcasted like this anymore. The council board meetings are not a place to put on a show. People shouldn’t become a candidate to become president just because we became champions or just missed out on it, or because the stadium is finished. People can criticise us, they should. Beşiktaş isn’t in the year 2012 anymore. Why wouldn’t people who didn’t want to become a candidate in 2012 now wouldn’t want to become a candidate? There was no permission for the new stadium, we got it. Our revenues were 130 million TL annually, we increased it to 500 million TL. We built Ümraniye and Fulya and are almost done with Pendik. If people want to become candidate, they should say so, but they should say so today. When we lost 3 games in the last stage of the last season everyone gave a reaction that they wanted to become a candidate.”

Question: “We know that you follow the Beşiktaş social media closely, what do you think of them?”
Orman: “It is going well. We are still working on the quality of our television. It is being watched a lot, I watch it as well. Our social media are going well too. We don’t have any fake followers and if you look at the number of followers we are succesful. Our Instagram account gained 300.000 followers in the last three months, I see that as a great success. I hope we can get to 1 to 1.5 million followers at the end of the season with the Vodafone Arena. We want to start a radio channel as well, I hope we can do that. I believe we are succesful.”

Question: “Do you even sleep at all?”
: “I go to bed around 01:00 and wake up at 06:00 in the morning, but I even think when I sleep because my head is so full. For example, when I go on a holiday, it isn’t being like a holiday. My head is full and the phone is constantly ringing. While traveling I can sleep on the plane or in the car, 10 minutes hit the spot for me.”

Question: “What is your greatest wish?”
Orman: “The most important thing is health. I want my family and kids to be happy and healthy.”

Question: “When you quit the job of being the president of Beşiktaş, do you want to publish your stories about these days in a book? What would be the title of that book?”
Orman: “Yes, I do have that intention. I have a lot of moments I want to share. I said the same to Süleyman Seba as well. The title might be ‘Bilinmeyen Gerçekler’ (‘The Unknown Truth’). I’m very happy to be a Beşiktaş fan, I believe it is a privilege. We are different then everyone and I believe these differences make us happy. I want to thank God that I got the opportunity to serve this community.”








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