Torunoğulları comments on Boyko and Douglas rumours

Updated: January 2, 2016

Erdal Torunoğulları has stated that Beşiktaş are continuing their work of transfering a goalkeeper and a central defender. He confirmed that Dnipro’s Denys Boyko and Douglas Silva are among the players the club is negotiating with, but he also said that there is still nothing done. The club official also confirmed that the Black Eagles aren’t planning on selling any of their key players before the end of the season.

“Everyone thinks that when the players want to come, the transfers are done”

“There is no disadvantage in talking about Boyko and Douglas anymore, since everyone already knows there names and since they are on the agenda every day. However, it’s not like anything is done with these two players yet, contrary to what is written. Someone is spreading these rumours every day. However, it isn’t true that the club has the documents already or that the players are on their way. Everyone thinks that when the players answer that they are open to coming that the transfer is done. This is a wrong assumption, it isn’t like we would even work for days on a player who says he doesn’t want to come. We contact the players who want to come and their clubs. The real job starts then, the hardest part is to agree with and convince their clubs.”

“Boyko and Douglas are not absolute musts”

“Nothing is done with Boyko and Douglas yet. Furthermore, we haven’t determined that Boyko and Douglas are absolute musts for us. We aren’t carrying out our work on transfers on just two players. We have a list with alternative names and we are at the same time in touch with a lot of players and clubs. If these two names don’t work out, we are going to do everything we can to get two players from the other names. A transfer is in any case not something you just finish in two days.”

“We are definitely not selling our star players”

“We are fighting for the championship and we are trying to strengthen our squad to become champions. It is normal that our star players are being named in transfer rumours, but we aren’t open for any offers. We will only go easy on the players whom the technical staff gave permission to leave. These names are known. Besides those we aren’t going to send away any players, especially not our star players.”.

Source: DHA

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