Şenol Güneş adresses transfers and training preperations

Updated: January 5, 2016

Beşiktaş head coach Şenol Güneş has spoken to the press at the Antalya training camp. He made it clear that Ramon Motta is on his way out, but also said that Pedro Franco isn’t leaving unless new players are purchased.

You guys know more about the transfers than us

Güneş firstly mocked the media and their treadmill of rumours with a smile on his face: “I’m not going to talk about transfers, since you guys know more about them than us. You know better than me who is going to leave, who will stay and even how the squad will look like. I’m expecting some help from you with the squad, how are our transfers going?”

“Our president makes the final decision with regard to transfers. I’m not the one in charge, I just give my opinion. I let the players train and if there’s an incoming player I protect him. I don’t look after players who don’t come and I wish departing players good luck.”

“We will evaluate the first half of the season”

Güneş made clear that Tolgay Arslan still needs one month to recover, and continues: “It’s very modern here, the pitch is nice. It’s a complex that really suits us. It’s going to be an intensive month for the players. We’re going to have meetings from time to time and evaluate the first half of the season. We’re going through a short first preparation period for the second half. I believe we will be prepared for the second half. Ersan had a wedding, whose date was long-known. We gave Rhodolfo and Motta extra time off. We’re going to conclude the camp when they and Mario Gómez join us.”

“Pedro Franco had a request to leave…”

“Motta has a meeting for a transfer. Pedro Franco had a request to leave as well, but we’re going to make our moves according to the players we have on hand. If there are no incoming players, we don’t want to let the players we have go. We have a big squad but our goalkeeper and central defender requests were already known. We will make our moves according to the transfers.”

“We are starting from zero”

“We have forgotten about the results of the first half and have turned over a new leaf in a new year. We are starting from zero. A difference in points of 1 or 11 isn’t important. We are going on the pitch to win everything. Our first game is against Mersin Idman Yurdu. Our other game in January is against Trabzonspor. February is more intensive, my players are ready for this. We are going to run a marathon and we have to know how to stay up. Matches are going to be won and lost, but we want to be the winners in the end.”

Source: DHA


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