Latest transfer developments of Beşiktaş

Updated: January 10, 2016

Reporter Firat Günayer has tweeted (@firatgunayer) about the latest transfer developments of Beşiktaş. Here is what he had to say:

  1. The number of candidates for the goalkeeper position has almost increased to 10. Let’s start with the ones that aren’t going to work out. Mandanda and Adler are no longer on the agenda.
  2. Another offer for Ospina has been rejected. Arsène Wenger has said ‘give a really good amount of money or let him stay’. The player is unhappy, but they aren’t letting him go.
  3. Things like ‘Ospina’s plane ticket is ready, his plane is on its way’ are all fake. Beşiktaş have made 3 different offers with different options. All have been rejected.
  4. The board member I asked about Ospina said ‘they aren’t letting the man go, what do you need to believe me?’.
  5. Despite this I still can’t say ‘he’s definitely not coming’, because Ospina wants to leave. If a transfer does happen, it will happen with the player’s initiative.
  6. Rennes found the offer for Costil too low. They are saying ‘he’s going to be the number 1 of the French national team, he is valuable’. I can say he is going to be difficult as well.
  7. Cassio from Corinthians and Diego López from AC Milan have been offered by their managers, but an agreement hasn’t been reached with both sides.
  8. Now let’s go over to the more positive ones. A new offer for Boyko and Douglas has been made. The biggest advantage here is that the players want to go to Beşiktaş.
  9. Beşiktaş are awaiting Dnipro’s answer. If they accept, the club will have reached its targets and will close their transfer window.
  10. An official offer has been made for Juventus’ reserve goalkeeper Neto. The player is open to come, but Juventus hasn’t answered yet.
  11. Last Thursday an offer for Valencia’s Mathew Ryan has also been made. He came to Valencia at the start of the season because of his good performances, but hasn’t been able to get the jersey. He is unhappy and wants to come to Beşiktaş.
  12. Why did Motta leave without a transfer fee? Because there were no offers and the player didn’t want to sit on the bench. He let the club know he wanted to leave and the money he was going to get from Beşiktaş for 6 months was € 750.000. If he would have stayed, he would have gotten this money by sitting on the bench. He left and Beşiktaş saved € 750.000.
  13. If a central defender is bought, Pedro Franco will be loaned out with an option to buy. The offers that came in for Pektemek have been rejected, the coach wants him to stay.

Yusuf Paklaci

Editor at Beşiktaş International
Living in the province of Utrecht, The Netherlands, where I was born and raised. Student Fiscal Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Have been a Beşiktaş fan for many years. Editor at Beşiktaş International since 2015.
Yusuf Paklaci