Is the Denys Boyko deal almost done?

Updated: January 12, 2016

It’s so difficult to keep track of all the different rumours right now, if you were to believe the countless reports coming from Brazil over the past week then you’d think Cássio Ramos is the new Beşiktaş goalkeeper.

But while countless Brazilian sources have been reporting for over a week now that the deal between Beşiktaş, Cássio and his club Corinthians was as good as done, we’re yet to see an official announcement.

It’s already been widely reported in the Turkish media, including by reliable people such as Firat Günayet, that Cássio Ramos is not the first option for Beşiktaş and that the Black Eagles are doing all they can to sign Dnipro Dnipropretovsk’s Denys Boyko.

Today Okan Topaloglu, a Beşiktaş congress member, told on Twitter that he had a conversation with a Beşiktaş board member earlier today and was told by this board member that Beşiktaş are finalizing the deal for Denys Boyko and that only a few minor details were left to be resolved. Many people talk on Twitter to get attention, followers and such but I was not under the impression that this was the case with this specific person.


Furthermore he went on to say that he was told that an agreement was expected today or tomorow, when I asked him if he had any idea about an official announcement he told me it may be two or three days. Again, whether you believe him is up to you.

I also asked him whether the deal he was told about was for both Denys Boyko and Douglas Silva and he said that for now it was mainly Boyko, he said that the club is prioritizing Boyko and wnat to wrap his transfer first and will try to also sign Douglas after, if possible.

Later today I had a chat with Max Meleganich of Futbol Ukraine and he was able to tell me that Denys Boyko would not be travelling with the Dnipro squad to their training camp in Turkey tomorow. Unfortunately Max did not know the exact reason but this could be an indication that Boyko will be on his way elsewhere to perhaps close a deal. It would also make sense that it’s just Denys Boyko and not Boyko and Douglas who are not joining the Dnipro training camp, this fits perfectly with Okan Topaloglu’s information earlier today.

Denys Boyko’s agent, Vadim Shabliy is already in Turkey as one of his clients signed with Eskişehirspor earlier today.

You may remember that when the Black Eagles were in the middle of heated negotiations with Fiorentina over Mario Gómez, the German travelled with Fiorentina to the US training camp. Back then this caused a lot of panic with our fans, thinking the move was off the table when Gómez travelled with his squad. After a few days however he left the training camp and travelled to Istanbul to sign with Beşiktaş. Gómez has since said that it was unclear for a while whether he would go to the US or to Istanbul but as a deal had not been reached he was obligated to go with his team to the US. So again, if Boyko is not on that plane tomorow it may be an indication that a deal with a possible suitor has been reached. Of course that could still be another club, Sevilla perhaps. But the timeline of this news coincides perfectly with what Okan Topaloglu said earlier today on Twitter.

It’s a bit of a puzzle but all the pieces seem to fit, it can just be a coincidence or just wishful thinking on my part but eitherway I think we’ll find out by Thursday or at the latest Friday at which club Denys Boyko will continue his career. Atleast if Max’s sources were correct and Boyko is not joining Dnipro on their training camp.

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