“I’m not thinking about going to West Ham”

Updated: January 15, 2016

Beşiktaş midfielder Veli Kavlak had an interview, in which he talked about his injury, analyzed the differences in the current team and talked about a possible transfer to the West Ham of Slaven Bilić.

“My priority is to train without pain”

Veli firstly talked about his injury period: “The club always stood behind me during all difficult times. Coach Şenol Güneş and president Fikret Orman looked out for me closely. My manager Erhan Kayhan had my back the whole time during this period. The first time I felt this pain was when I played against Romania with Austria in 2012. It got worse over time. I believe I can become a starter in this team again. I will fight for this like I did before. My first priority however is to train without pain. At the moment I can’t say that the pain in my shoulder is completely gone, but it isn’t preventing me from playing football anymore.”

“Gómez is exactly the type of striker we need”

Veli then compared this season to the last one: “We are a good team. The competition is at the highest level. There wasn’t this much competition before. I think this is a good thing. Last year we couldn’t get past our four last games. That’s why we have to be careful now and have to look at it from one game to another. Mario Gómez is exactly the type of striker we need. He doesn’t only score goals, but at the same time his personality fits Beşiktaş very well. He sits next to me in the dressing room. He is a great person.”

“I’m not thinking about going to West Ham”

Veli lastly praised Slaven Bilić, but stated that he isn’t thinking about a reunification with his former coach: “He was like a father to me. He always supported me and gave me the necessary freedom. He is a great coach and has a great personality. I find myself lucky to have worked with a coach like himself. He still follows our games and results closely. However, I am not thinking about going to West Ham at the moment. I just signed a new 4 year deal with Beşiktaş.”

Source: Milliyet


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