Nevzat Demir facility renovations

Updated: January 26, 2016

It was important for Beşiktaş to renovate the Nevzat Demir complex. 2015 was the tharget year for these renovations and it started with several large investments and ended after 6 months. The construction of our new home, the Vodafone Arena, is on going and we know that the pitch will be in hybrid grass. For the players to have the same training conditions, the new Nevzat Demir grounds have also been made of hybrid grass.bc7b7fee2c16157e0a9f04cd620f411c

Not only the pitch but also the whole facility is renewed. From air conditioning systems to the furniture, everything is now modernized. The dining hall, offices and leisure areas for the footballers are better than before as the board took Şenol Güneş’ ideas for how the new Nevzat Demir Facility can benefit Beşiktaş.9ff7287b4c3806bcdfe2c8c218009f6f

The gym area was also re-built and equipped with the finest equipment for the team to work out.

An investment of more than 5 million TL was made on the new facilities. Currently it is one of the most modern and the only facility with a hybrid pitch in Turkey.

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