Summary of today’s media reports on the Boyko and Douglas transfer saga

Updated: January 19, 2016

Beşiktaş have been busy with the negotiations with Dnipro over Denys Boyko and Douglas Silva for a long time now, as the Black Eagles are desperately trying to get a goalkeeper and central defender in this winter, but haven’t been able to get their desired results as of yet. The club has agreed with the pair for a while now, but can’t seem to agree with Dnipro over the transfer fee. The club is now done with Dnipro’s procrastination and has given the Ukrainians 6 days to make their final decision.

Hürriyet is reporting that Beşiktaş have given Dnipro until the end of this week to decide over the club’s offer. Dnipro is reportedly demanding € 3,5 million for Boyko and € 4,5 million for Douglas, which comes down to a total sum of € 8 million for both players. Beşiktaş are however insisting on a price of € 6 million, which is € 1 million less for both players than Dnipro wants. Dnipro is apparently trying to play ‘hard to get’, to delay these transfers to the last days of the transfer window to put Beşiktaş in a difficult position, forcing them to pay the demanded price.

Vice-president Ahmet Nur Çebi has reportedly said the following: “If the Ukrainians don’t make their decision before this weekend, the chance will decrease a lot and we will be forced to go after alternatives.”. Beşiktaş are continuing their search for a goalkeeper and central defender in Spain and Italy and it is known that the sights are set on two experienced players for these positions.

Meanwhile, not only the Beşiktaş board and fans are tired of Dnipro’s tactics. According to Milliyet, Boyko is also sick of waiting for this transfer to happen. He wants to focus on his job and has decided not to speak with the media about it until the end of this transfer window.

Finally, Sabah is reporting that Boyko’s agent has called club official Erdal Torunoğulları with the message to hurry up: “Dnipro is going to look for a new goalkeeper when this transfer becomes official. They have accepted the offer of € 3,3 million, but if we don’t make the final move, they could say that they have given up. Let’s turn our agreement into a signing now. Don’t be late, Boyko is getting restless as well.”.


Yusuf Paklaci

Editor at Beşiktaş International
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Yusuf Paklaci