Vodafone Arena Shock for Besiktas

Updated: January 26, 2016

vodafone arena


Since the first day of construction (June 2, 2013) there has been many issues and even though the final stage has come for Besiktas’ new home Vodafone Arena, the possibility of delay is very upsetting.

The reason for the latest delay is said to be re-installation caused by the height of 40cm from the saddle. It is appeared that due to 40cm, the saddles are manufactured again and are arranged in a way not to overcome the border.

According to the information obtained there seems to be 84 saddles in 6 ways. Saddles are hanged by welding. This means that the cranes will remain on the ground until the end of January which is one of the reasons for the delay. The 40cm has lost Besiktas a lot of time since this requires for the saddles to be manufactured again.

Excellent Materials Are Used

  • The materials used in the interior are emphasized to be at highest standards. Everything is done in 1st class in Vodafone Arena. The toilets and sinks are just magnificent.
  • The manufacturing of the turnstiles for the entrances quickly continues
  • Fixtures were brought to the stadium. Failure to coincide with new accounts of the armatures is shown as a problem but not a big one.
  • Lighting accounts are recorded to be completed within 3-4 days.
  • Another difficulty is failure to provide sufficient visibility for live broadcast. Since the stadium’s lightning isn’t 3500 Lux it will be recalculated.
  • It is forbidden to take photos inside the stadium. Especially after a fatal accident there will be strict supervision.
  • They are unable to mount the seats due to snow. However, it is expected to be completed by end of February.

And Good News

  • In addition to all these problems and setbacks a positive development is that President Orman has given instruction to open the Besiktas Museum.
  • Another surprise is that Vodafone Arena Kartal Yuvasi is expected to open in February.
  • The majority of railing at the stadium entrance seems to be finished. By the end of February all fan entranced are said to be completed.

Dressing Rooms at Different Levels

  • The leveling of places such as locker rooms is re-considered because of the low ceilings. (Height of 2.30 was bad for tall players like Boyko and Gomez.)

5 Meters Withdrawn

  • Another negative development was the retreat of 5 meters in the construction (disapproval) due to Besiktas fan group’s involvement during Gezi.
  • At first Vodafone Arena was planned to be hold 50-55 thousand people but due to the 5mt withdrawal the fan capacity has dropped to 41-43 thousand fans.

Source: DHA

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