Eagles abroad: Toyaa Sasha

Updated: January 29, 2016

This is the first edition from hopefully many weekly recurring exclusive articles in which we ask the ‘Eagles abroad’ how exactly they became Black Eagles fans? In the first few editions we are going to focus on foreign fans who have no Turkish background! We want to know, what attracted them in Beşiktaş.

Eagles abroad: Toyaa Sasha

We kick off our new featured pieces with the sister of one of our players, Toyaa! She tells us the story of how she came for her brother but stayed, for the fans…

Tell us a bit more about yourself, who are you, how old are you and where are you from?

Hello, my name is Toyaa. I’m a girl, 26 years young and I live in Canada.

How did you first come in contact with Besiktas?

I honestly had never even heard of Beşiktaş until July of 2013. My brotherhad signed a contract with them that month, and that is how I first became aware of the club.

Since when do you support Besiktas?

Although my brother had signed in July of 2013, I had not become a supporter until December of 2013.

What attracted you in the club?

Well, my brother playing there, at first. But the fans with their die-hard passion also helped! It’s likenothing I’ve ever seen before. The fans I mean. Watching a game and depending on the outcome of the game it affects how they will feel for the rest of the day or sometimes even the rest of the week, I really like that. Being from Canada where Soccer isn’t as popular I had never experienced a game (win, lose or draw) affect the spectators mood in such a way.

Have you ever had the pleasure of visiting a match live? Or do you have plans to do so in the future?

I have been to several games in fact. One of the very first ones I watched was against Kasimpaşa (with the Ryan Donk ball spiking incident) when a fan ran onto the pitch and attacked Manuel Fernandes. Moments later Hugo Almeida and Ramon Motta hit the fan back. What an introduction to Beşiktaş I had that day.

Toyaa was in the stands at all the clubs her brother played at, from FC Copenhagen to PSV Eindhoven, but none of the supporters made such a lasting impression on her as the Beşiktaş fans.

Toyaa was in the stands at all the clubs her brother played at, from FC Copenhagen to PSV Eindhoven, but none of the supporters made such a lasting impression on her as the Beşiktaş fans.

I have to admit, I was dreading a repeat of what happened earlier that season in the derby match against Galatasaray (where the fans stormed the pitch towards the end of the game). It was an away game and I was sitting by myself so the panic set in and I was thinking to myself “How am I really going to get away from this?”. I was looking for the closest exit sign and planned to make a quick escape! Fortunately nothing of the sort happened and I was able to get out unharmed.

It was scary but at the time I was more confused, like how could a person be moved to do such a thing, but now after going to more games and getting an understanding of the fans I know that it was passion that moved him!

I also intend to attend several more matches at the new stadium once it’s completed.

What is your fondest memory being a Besiktas fan?

My fondest memory of being a Beşiktaş fan? That’s definitely February 26th 2015. When we eliminated Liverpool from the Europa League on penalties! It was the most intense, most emotionally charged game I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life.

The first bit of extra time was a nail biter. By the time the second bit of extra time came around you could visibly see everyone was tired. They managed to hold on and make it to the penalty kicks, and I truly believe the better team won that day!

Do you have a favourite player, if so who is your favourite player?

Let me start off by saying: yes he is my brother, but I’m not being biased! He’sactually a phenomenal player. He can read the game and pass a ball like no ones business! That being said, my second favourite player is Cenk Tosun! He brings a lot of energy and pace to the game. And often times manages to put himself into a lot of scoring positions. He’s also not a selfish player and understands that it’s a team game.


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