Fikret Orman adresses transfer policies

Updated: February 5, 2016

“Let’s not mix the Financial Fair Play rules with this. That and what we are doing are different things. I’m always saying: our period of buy-buy-buy is over. We are now going through a sell-sell-sell period.”

“The day the stadium opens, will be a historical one. I’m going to announce the date the stadium will open very shortly. I’m asking for a more patience for this, because constructions don’t hurry. The roof is going to be covered, the gras is going to be spread out over the pitch. We are trying to compose the best performance, without saying ‘we made the stadium, it’s done’. This will be seen when the Vodafone Arena is finished.”

“Earning money is a good thing. There is no problem when you spend it in the right manner. When I renewed the contract of Ersan, most of our fans said ‘how can you spend this much money on Ersan’s new contract?’. We were very criticized. Now those same critics are saying ‘why did you sell him?’. We want to do the thing we believe are right. Ersan can return whenever he wants. He made a sacrifice himself (“Feda”) and we took him under our wing. Ersan really showed the Besiktas attitude and I helped him. I didn’t want to sell him, but when he wished to leave, we could only show him the road. He is going to earn some good money as well. He should spend it with a smile.”

“All the players that leave still have Beşiktaş in their minds. This is another case that shows that our club is run well and that the structure is like that of a college team. Just like at Demba Ba, he still says ‘Beşiktaş’ and nothing else. He wanted to see Ersan in China at the club he plays himself.”

“Of course all candidates to be president should be on the congress. This is Beşiktaş, we have democracy here.”

“It should be said that ‘debt is the whip of the brave’. The issue is to spend your money in the right way, to use it right. We are doing this.”

“I don’t agree with the discussions about Boyko, Delgado and Marcelo’s absence in the two postponed matches. Why should Ersan’s departure worry us? Tosic is the central defender of the Serbian national team. Please don’t create problems while being here.”

Source: DHA


Yusuf Paklaci

Editor at Beşiktaş International
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Yusuf Paklaci