Filip analyzes: Beşitkaş vs Gazientepspor

Updated: February 8, 2016

What a beautiful evening it was. The prolonged break from the league is finally over. And it ended in style which will be mentioned with a smile on our face. After an uncertain start, our players remembered how to be effective and defeated Gazientepspor 4-0. The first step for the winter-spring road to the championship was made. Ahead of us, however, still a whole bunch.

Duty fulfilled

The result looks awesome, but we must admit, that the victory was the only option here.  Our rivals played without three key players – Karcemarskas, Arokkoyo and Mustafa Durak. During the winter, they lost their biggest star Muhammet Demir and first-team player Ognjen Vranjes. And even though they still have a solid Chibuike in a supporting role up front, supported behind striker Habib Habibou who they loaned from Rennes, Gaziantepstor  join this round with far less potential than they had in autumn and probably will be points providers for the league top teams. We have reasons to be happy, but our guys should keep calm – the Black Eagles simply did what was expected of them.

Debuts session

Let’s start with the decision that caused the most controversy. The biggest name that we brought in this past winter, Denys Boyko, so far loses out to the heavily criticized Tolga. A bad decision of Şenol Güneş? Now we know that it’s not. Tolga put in the best performance of the season, saved us from conceding 3(!) goals and had some really brilliant interventions.

What’s even better, it’s Tolga’ssecond solid performance in a row. To be honest, to change your captain, which is on form and is putting in great performances and secured a team victory, would be meaningless. Even if his successor would be one of the best goalkeepers in Europe. It would be unfair to Tolga and the whole team.

the good performance of Tolga gives Boyko the chance to quietly put in time during training and get ready to enter the team. It is certain that sooner or later the Ukrainian will take over between the sticks. A good opportunity for this change, and maybe even pass the captain’s armband, might have even been today, when Tolga signaled he had sustained an injury. A substitution after some great interventions, with a cleensheet and caused just by injury, would be an excellent option. However, this time Gunes decided not to do this. Apparently Boyko, according to him (recall – Senol was the goalkeeper, so you probably know what he’s doing) is not ready yet, although the postponed matches against Trabzonspor and certainly against Mersin may be the biggest reason for him to stick with Tolga, for now.

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Turning to the obvious things which are visible to the naked eye – we did a great job bringing in Marcelo. The Brazilian made a perfect debut, gave great passes, made a lot of interventions and was unbeatable in the air.  Alexis, who came on the pitch replacing the injured Rhodolfo, also made a good impression. The Spaniard at the start had a little trouble keeping the offside line and cooperation with his new teammates, but we must remember that he had a long break from performances.  However, he gained confidence with every next minute and in the perspective of the whole match he presented himself pretty well.

Here comes troubles

Unfortunately, Rhodolfo’s injury seems to be very serious. It is almost certain now that we will not see the Brazilian again this season. It means, that the duo of Marcelo-Alexis are immediately thrown into the deep end. The sale of Ersan has led to a situation in which our new defenders must rip practically from day to day, as soon as possible they need to grow an understanding with the rest of the team and be ready to fight for the championship.

What’s even worse, we will have huge problems with CB’s in the postponed matches against Mersin and Trabzonspor. Marcelo and Alexis were not included into our Super Lig’ squad before this matches and against those teams they will not be able to play as only players who were in the squad during the orignal scheduled dates for these matches are able to play. This means we’ll most likely see the duo Tosic-Necip or Tosic-Atiba at center-back. Unless the MIY it can still go, then in Trabzon, even at their current terrible form, in such a combination it will be very difficult.

A few numbers:

  • Mario Gómez has already scored his 15th Süper Lig goals this season in 18 appearances and finally he’s an individual league leader.
  • “King of passes” Atiba Hutchinson had a 95,5% passing accuracy today and – as you know – was the best on the pitch in this statistic. According to OptaCan he has made 1057 succesful passes this season, what’s the best in the Super Lig despite Besiktas being two games short.
  • Marcelo Guedes was one of the best players on the pitch today with rating of 8,2 and 4 aerials won, 4 tackles won, 5 interceptions, 2 clearances, 75 touches and 90% pass accuracy.
  • 0 nominal central defenders will be in the Besiktas squad for the matches against Mersin and Trabzonspor.
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