Filip analyzes: Beşiktaş vs Başakşehir and Mersin IY

Updated: February 17, 2016

A loss of points after a serie of league victories or an heroic rescue of a draw, despite the weakened squad? There are some different views on Sunday 2:2 result against Başakşehir. You also can’t have a great reason to celebrate after a modest victory over Mersin IY. The most important thing seems to be what we have learned after these challenges. We must remember that if everything goes well – we are still leaders in the race for the championship. However, key matches are still ahead of us.

Orange-Navy wall

Before the Sunday match, many experts and fans regarded forward Mehmet Batdal as the most dangerous threat, as he is much taller than our central defenders. My attention, however, at first went to Alexandru Epureanu, who played next to Yalcin Ayhan in the center of the Başakşehir defense for the first time in the league after returning from an injury. Last season, this duo was one of the strongest in the league, and the Moldovan playing alongside Ayhan was in my opinion the best central defender in the entire 2014/15 campaign. In addition, these guys also showed back then that they are able to score goals.

Fortunately, it turned out that – which was already visible in cup matches – Epureanu is still far from his ideal form. He and Ayhan had intervened several times, but our players managed to find quite a few gaps in the orange-blue wall and even in the first minutes of the meeting created dangerous occasions. Unfortunately, the first half of our offensive could be summarized as …

Sleeping (Gomez’s) Bootie

Our goal-king decided to have a little nap in the first half of Sunday’s game, and missed a total of 4 goal opportunities. While he created the last two almost alone, the first and the second chance were missed after successful actions of his colleagues. Another thing is that Ismail and Olcay’s passes, after whom Gomez had the chance to score, were the only good things the two of them presented throughout the meeting…

A replay of ineffectiveness was also presented on Wednesday. Once again one situation was wasted, but most of all, in general he almost didn’t got in shooting opportunities.

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We must remember that even such a machine as Gómez sometimes becomes blocked. In such a situation, his goal scoring work should be taken over by other players. On Sunday, they completely messed up. Ozzy was invisible, Gökhan suffered from a lack of ideas, and even the usually reliable Atiba had big problems with a good ball distribution during the first stage of actions. With Necip as a central defender it could only end in disaster. We have seen, therefore, that …

Even Şenol makes mistakes

And in the game of Başakşehir we had confirmation of this. Firstly, Necip is decent this season as a defensive midfielder, but will never be a good choice for the position of central defender in matches against strong rivals. I do not like Dusko Tosic, you can say a lot of bad things about him, but he would certainly have been a better choice. Necip is too uncertain, and when you add to that Alexis is still far from the ideal rip with the team, what we have seen comes out of that. Now, after a game with both Necip and Tosic in the first squad, we should have confirmation of these words. Unfortunately, in a huge part of the match, I couldn’t almost see anything on the pitch. If you now ask me who is more effective in preventing a game – Necip or Tosic? I answer without hesitation – a fog 😉

Secondly – Quaresma in such a form couldn’t sit on the bench. And if a player changes the game greatly when he’s on, it means that he’s certainly in form. We have four good wingers and shouldn’t be afraid to rotate them!

Thirdly – Şenol is never afraid to make changes at half-time. On Sunday this was lacking. Was it the fear of Başakşehir and the situation on the pitch? Possibly. I also felt defeat in my bones. With that (luckily) I can! He unfortunately didn’t 😉

Referee controversy    

The match against Başakşehir, in fact, can be summed up without being focused on the game of our players. A non-given penalty to us,  potentially a red card for Mehmet and Mahmut … On the other hand, an overly pragmatic referee would not count the properly scored goal of Cenk. Şenol has already said enough at the conference. Let’s not get crazy, such situations will happen and we can do nothing about it. Or we can just do some memes 😉

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Hidden agenda

Even if the draw against Başakşehir and the interruption of a serie of league wins does not look very good on paper, in practice it can give us a very positive impact. Fight to the last minute, big influence of subs to chase a result, a goal by the rarely scoring Atiba (btw. I was sure that it was prepared during training. I was surprised at his words at the conference!) and overcoming various obstacles in the fight for the points can really unite the team. Unfriendly referees, bad course of the match, a hole in the defense and still achieving a solid result. In a time of crisis caused by Rhodolfo’s injury, such success can bring a great attitude, and it can win us matches.

The same can be said about the win against Mersin. This time we faced another enemy – the fog. It seems that now absolutely nothing is able to stop our players in winning points!

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For troubles – Sosa.

It begins to be amazing. The player who I eagerly would have sold to China in the winter for every two-digit amount, once again won us the match. I’m not a fan of the way José Sosa played, in my opinion he wasted a lot of balls and sometimes he was completely invisible. Hovewer, I have to admit that for the second season in a row he has incredible statistics. And they fully defend him.

In the last 7 games Sosa scored 4 goals and added 5 assists to that. His goals gave us victories against Kayserispor, Osmanlispor and now against Mersin. It’s easy to count how many points we would’ve now without his goals. I think it’s time to say – José, sorry, now even I think that we need you in this title race.

A few numbers:

  • “King of passes” Atiba Hutchinson had a… oh, fuck it, he scored an extremely important goal against Başakşehir! Congratz Atiba!
  • José Sosa scored 4 goals and made 5 assists in his last 7 league matches.
  • After 5 league matches with at least one goal from Mario Gómez, he finally took a break against Başakşehir and Mersin. Not for long, I think.
  • It was the 1st match of Prejouce Nakoulma’s against teams from the Turkish “Big 4” this season, without scoring any goal or assist.
  • And 2 interesting things from OptaCan twitter acount after the Başakşehir (1st one) and Mersin (2nd) games:

Oh, wait, I’m almost forgot:

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