STSL: Beşiktaş: 1 Antalyaspor: 0

Updated: March 19, 2016

Beşiktaş did what they needed to do and that was ending matchday 26 on a highnote going in to the final 8 games of the season as leaders. Their roadblock this week was Antalyaspor and a single goal coming from Oguzhan Özyakup proved sufficient to bag those 3 points on what was yet another sad day in Turkish history due to today’s terrorist attacks at Istanbul’s Taksim square.

The Black Eagles played their third game in short succession after having to play their postponed match against Trabzonspor this past Tuesday which made it 3 matches in 6 days for the Black Eagles.

Denys Boyko made his Süper Lig debut as Tolga Zengin had to forsake today's game.

Denys Boyko made his Süper Lig debut as Tolga Zengin had to forsake today’s game.

It was touch and go with Tolga Zengin ahead of today’s game after he had suffered an injury in Tuesday’s match with Trabzonspor and he had to forsake at the last moment meaning Denys Boyko could make his Turkish Süper Lig debut.

It wasn’t the best home game of the season for the Black Eagles though as they couldn’t play their normal, dominant, possession football. Instead it was a match in which both teams had a lot of counter opportunities with Antalyaspor having a few good chances in the opening 25 minutes. But the Black Eagles were the ones to strike as Oguzhan set up a one two with José Sosa in the 27th minute, receiving the ball back from the Argentinian and rounding it off with an excellent finish to put the Eagles 1-0 up.

It wasn’t a match with many clear cut chances for either side and the majority of danger came from José Sosa’s corner kicks, but despite winning more than 10 corners (as opposed to Antalyaspor having none) that second goal could not be found in either half.

Ricardo Quaresma took an early yellow card in the first half after kicking the ball away as he was frustrated with a decision made by the match official, meaning he will have to miss next week’s crucial away match against Kasimpaşa. A correct decision from the official but one that left a nasty aftertaste as in the second half the exact same thing happened with Serdar Özkan, but referee Hüseyin Göçek wasn’t consistent in his officiating and did not show the yellow card on this occassion.

In the end Beşiktaş took the majority of the initiative looking for another goal in the second half but that led to very little threat to the visitor’s goal outside of those Sosa corners.

It certainly wasn’t the best football we’ve seen thusfar this season from the Black Eagles, but at the end of the day a deserved victory as they defended well and scored a quality goal.


Stadium: Başakşehir stadium

Officials: Hüseyin Göçek, Orkun Aktaş, Kemal Yılmaz, Mehmet Metin (4. official)

Beşiktaş: Boyko, Beck, Necip, Marcelo, İsmail, Atiba, Oğuzhan (73′ Tolgay), Quaresma (46′ Olcay), Sosa, Kerim, Gomez (85′ Cenk)

Reserves: Günay, Serdar, Tosic, Alexis, Tolgay, Olcay, Cenk

Head coach: Şenol Güneş

Antalyaspor: M’Bolhi, Celustka, Motta, Rıdvan, Angelo, Makoun (76′ Fernando Danilo), Serdar, Yekta, Zeki (63′ Charles), Mbilla (73′ Ömer), Eto’o

Reserves: Ozan, Sakıb, Inkoom, Fernando Danilo, Emrah, Charles, Ömer
Head coach: Jose Morais

Goal: Oğuzhan (27′)

Yellow cards: Quaresma (11(), Mbilla (40′), Necip (86′)

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