Telegol’s extensive interview with Fikret Orman

Updated: April 5, 2016

Beşiktaş chairman Fikret Orman had some very interesting remarks in a live interview broadcasted on 360 TV about Beşiktaş’ current situation. Below are his remarks listed in a nutshell.

“I wasn’t afraid of the postponed matches we had to play.”

“I wasn’t afraid of the postponed matches we had to play. I just told myself that this was for the better. If we played those matches, there was a possibility that some important players would get injured, because of the difficult conditions. Who knows? That is why I am pretty positive about it.”

“We want Fenerbahçe to lose points.”

“We want Fenerbahçe to lose points. Beşiktaş is in a title race with them right now. If we were in a title race with Galatasaray, we would support Fenerbahçe. However, Beşiktaş should always focus and be happy about its own games and wins. We are ahead Fenerbahçe. If we keep on winning, it is not important if they win or lose. Moreover, we only have one derby left, against Galatasaray”

“We are a sympathic club.”

“We are, as Beşiktaş, a sympathic club towards other clubs. I think that our board is like that. I am here since 2012 and have never experienced any kind of misbehaviour in any stadium. We were welcomed greatly by everyone. We never had to endure bad words. We are doing something that is called being arm in arm. The most important thing is that our players give everything they have got on the pitch. If that is the case, and they decide what the results will be like, there is no problem.”

“I never gave free season tickets to anyone.”

“I got no problems at all with Çarşı. I never gave free season tickets to anyone. Even if I were to do that, it is impossible in the Vodafone Arena. I have no idea where a person will sit and watch the game. If someone paid for their spot, they will sit there. It is as easy as that. I have no idea where Çarşı will sit and support our team.”

“This year is our year.”

“My father used to be in Beşiktaş’ board. That is why I know every inch of this club. I have seen the difficult times. I got my education here. I did executive work and improved some facilities. I was ready. I got no regrets. If we go back, I would still consider being president. The prayers of the fans and being a good executor brings us to these places. We are going to improve more and more from now on. It’s fair to say: this year is our year.”

“Beşiktaş is what we live for.”

“Beşiktaş fans always have a different point of view. Beşiktaş has a growing fan base, even when there isn’t much to celebrate. When we played for nothing, we played in front of 40,000 men and women. It could be the case that in a decade, we have the most titles. When I was younger, clubs like Chelsea and Manchester City weren’t well-known. Now people are talking about them. Times change. Beşiktaş is what we live for. We think we are different. Being a Beşiktaş fan is not something common, it is something different. We are the most authentic club of Turkey. We know no hate against other clubs. When we walked on the streets of Bursa, we had some nice and interesting conversations with the society. People think that there is some kind of hate between Bursaspor and Beşiktaş, but that is not the case. Not at all.”

“Actually, I am a tough guy.”

“I am actually a tough guy. These days I am tired, hence my anger. I am sad that I sometimes let people down. Tiredness causes people to make mistakes. I see myself as a hard person right now.”

“I should have sold Fernandes.”

“We have much more positives than negatives. However, I should have sold Fernandes. At that time, he looked like the only star in our team. We didn’t sell him and he ended up not playing for one year. After he left, nothing happened that would make the media lick their fingers. Quaresma is a player, who is incredibly attached to his family. When he was on his way to Turkey the first time, he thought that he was bigger than the club and didn’t want to come himself. The second time, right now, he told me that he wanted to come home and I approved that. When we are talking about Beşiktaş, I am not making decisions following my heart. People are talking about this transfer as if it is done to make my connection with the fans better. That is not true.”

“Currently, there are 32,000 season tickets reserved for the Vodafone Arena.”

“In Turkey, football is a growing sport. With the adding of Vodafone Arena, it will grow even more. When the boards of the clubs gathered, I gave them ideas about how we can attract people to our stadiums. Currently, there are 32,000 season tickets reserved for the Vodafone Arena. Beşiktaş will increase its annual stadium income from 10 million dollars to 60 million dollars.”

“We really loved Bilic.”

“I think that the referee really disadvantaged Fenerbahçe at the Braga game. For me, he made his decisions really one-sided. We are used to these things. Fenerbahçe was caught unexpectedly. Look at our last games. They make lots of mistakes at our matches too. However, if we had a stadium last year, we would win the title. When we beat Liverpool, the players and the staff thought we already made it. After that game, the downfall started. We really loved Bilic and I still am in contact with him. I hope he comes back as a manager to Beşiktaş one day. This will probably not happen during my presidency, but later on maybe.”

“Our debts are not the same as our opponents’.”

“We get more income through sponsors than our opponents. The annual income of our football team has passed the 40 million dollars mark. Next year, this will increase to an amount of 50 million dollars. Our incomes will keep on increasing. We got a debt of 330 million dollars. This debt will decrease badly. I will explain this better when the elections will take place. Our debts are not the same as our opponents’. We show every bit of debt that we have got.”

“Our players are more experienced.”

“Beşiktaş will win the title this year. Why not? Our players are more experienced. This is Oğuzhan’s fourth year at Beşiktaş and so is Olcay’s. It is Töre’s third season.”

“If we get the right price, we can sell and buy everyone.”

“The last year we got a transfer income of around 27 million euros. If we get the right price, we can sell and buy everyone. There have been no serious offers for Töre right now. Everyone is talking. If things get serious though, it can happen. But right now, the only thing that Beşiktaş is focused on is the title. Töre is focused as well. However, look at Kerim. He took Töre’s spot excellently and even got a national call-up. He is exceptional.”

“Mario is happy at Beşiktaş.”

“Mario is happy at Beşiktaş. Me personally, I don’t have close relationships with the players. I would like to keep myself at a distance from them. After the game vs. Liverpool, I went down to the changing rooms. I never paid the referees a visit. Once though, at a game versus Galatasaray, I went down and told him to end the match. There were only 10 seconds left. That game, ‘fans’ tried to provoke the police. They were no Beşiktaş fans, they were something else.”

“Aras will be very useful for us.”

“Real Madrid sold Özil to Arsenal, Di Maria to United. United sold Di Maria to PSG. These things happen at all times. Beşiktaş won’t be a team anymore who only buys players. Aras is coming to us next year. I have been trying to buy him for three years now. Aras will be very useful for us. We loaned him out to a club in Spain. If he improves himself there and at Beşiktaş, we will sell him later on to a club in Europe. That’s how it works.”

“Terrorism is everywhere.”

“We are currently working on some transfers. Some transfers are already finished, however no names can be given until it’s that time again. The players can be Turkish, but also from another country. People go and people come. We have a strict contract with Mario Gomez. We think that he will stay at us. He lives in Nişantaşı, very close to our stadium. He is happy here and we are happy with him. Terrorism is not only Turkey’s problem. Terrorism is everywhere. When the attacks in France took place, Mario was on the field playing his game. That will not be the reason for him to leave us.”

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