STSL: Kasımpaşa: 2 Beşiktaş: 1

Updated: April 4, 2016

After an unexpected loss of points from rivals Fenerbahçe last night, the Black Eagles were put in a great position to extend their lead on their rivals to (atleast) 3 points. However, lady luck decided differently as the Eagles crashed and burned tonight against Kasimpaşa, despite taking the lead.

The match was very closed int he first half without a lot of goal threat during the opening 25 minutes. However José Sosa put the Black Eagles 1-0 up after an excellent bit of foot work and a classy finish. A goal which would set up a Beşiktaş win many thought. But only 90 seconds later the scoreboards were already balanced out again. Del Valle didn’t give up on a long ball and Andreas Beck miscalculated the studder of the ball, present Del Valle the option to cut inside and rifle a shot at goal. Denys Boyko managed to get a touch to it but it wasn’t enough to keep the Eagles in the lead.

The remainder of the first half remained quite balanced without any noteworthy goal chances, Beşiktaş coach Senol Günes therefore opted to make a change at halftime as the wing play from the Eagles had been very underwhelming. Kerim Frei was sacrificed for Tolgay ARslan, moving José Sosa to the right wing.

However the tactical adjustment had very little positive effect on the match proceedings, on the contrary. Kasimpaa took control straight away and put the Black Eagles under some pressure. Just five minutes in to the second half Marcelo took the ball a bit too far up the pitch and saw his pass intercepted leading to a counter attack from the hosts, Scarione shot the ball in tot he net at the near post as Popov Veigneau crossed it in.

After the second goal the Black Eagles looked completely out of place for a good few minutes and Kasimpasa continued to capitalize on their momentum, winning a lot of duels and quickly breaking on the counter.

Cenk Tosun replaced a bleak Olcay only 57 minutes in and Beşiktaş managed to restore the balance, finally managing to create some pressure. But the hosts defended excellently and managed to weather the storm.

Oguzhan Özyakup did manage to hit the back of the net but he was adjudged offside so his goal didn’t count, the replay would show that this was the correct decision.

Apart from Oguzhan’s disallowed goal there were a few more decent opportunities for the Black Eagles to pull thigns level, but those chances paled in comparisson to the chances Kasimpasa managed to play together in the final 10 minutes of the match. Koita missed 3 one on one chances with Boyko, blasting the ball over each time, and Denys Boyko managed to save the Eagles from further disarray twice more. Ultimately Beşiktaş just weren’t good enough on the day and have only themselves to blame. A draw even would have sufficed to keep their destiny in their own hands, but now Fenerbahçe have the advantage, as long as they keep winning their matches. Even if the Black Eagles win their remaining 7 games, they would still loes out on the title due to the head to head scorelines. With 7 matches remaining, it’s far from over but the Black Eagles have squandered an excellent opportunity tonight to take an option on the title.


Stadium: RTE stadium

Officials: Mete Kalkavan, Ceyhun Sesigüzel, Aleks Taşçıoğlu, Mehmet Cem Satman (4. official)

Beşiktaş: Boyko, Beck, Marcelo, Necip, İsmail, Atiba (90′ Mustafa), Oğuzhan, Kerim (46′ Tolgay), Sosa, Olcay (57′ Cenk), Gomez

Reserves: Günay, Serdar, Alexis, Tosic, Tolgay, Mustafa, Cenk

Head coach: Şenol Güneş

Kasımpaşa: Ramazan, Veigneau, Titi, Omeruo, Popov, Scarione (84′ Abdullah), Castro, Hakan, Adem (79′ Tunay), Del Valle (75′ Koita), Eren

Reserves: Isaksson, Bozhikov, Ferhat, Abdullah, Koita, Malki, Tunay

Head coach: Rıza Çalımbay

Goals: Sosa (28′), Del Valle (29′), Scarione (49′)

Yellow cards: Hakan (17′), Oğuzhan (45+2′), Marcelo (54′), Popov (90+1′), Sosa (90+5′)

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