Mario Gómez asking for more time

Updated: April 17, 2016

Whilst telling the Black Eagles’ board he wants to play in the Champions League next year, Mario Gómez also told them that he needs more time to decide whether his future lies in Istanbul or elsewhere. However, the board still has to respond to this request.

Will Mario Gómez, the man with the mythical contract, stay? That is the big question for everyone.

According to Milliyet, Mario Gómez may only return, without a transfer fee, to Fiorentina. And he is also obliged to inform the board about his decision before the 21st of April. Mario Gómez informed the board, through his agent, that he still needs more time to make a decision concerning his future. The club are yet to respond to Gómez’s request.

Gómez is really keen to play in the Champions League, and he made that very clear just before the Galatasaray – Fenerbahçe game. If the championship is secured, there should be no further obstacles for Gómez to stay at Beşiktaş. In addition, the chances of him going to another club seem very small.

If Gómez decides to stay at Beşiktaş, Beşiktaş will have to pay 1000(!) euros to Fiorentina. However, if he decides to go back to Florence, and he is sold to another club by Fiorentina, Beşiktaş will get half (50%) of the transfer fee. Even if Fiorentina decides to terminate their contract with Mario Gómez and let him go on a free transfer, Beşiktaş will get a reasonable amount of money. The same thing applies for Beşiktaş selling Gómez, in that case they’d have to give a certain amount to Fiorentina.

Mario Gomez has scored 24 goals in all compeitions this season, so far he has made a total of 37 appearances for the Black EAgles.

Source: Milliyet

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