STSL: Galatasaray: 0 Beşiktaş: 1

Updated: May 8, 2016

The Black Eagles have won the crucial derby of matchday 32 and remain in pole position for the title race, if Fenerbahçe drop points tomorow against Başakşehir then the Black Eagles can win the title next week at the Vodafone Arena.

The last time Beşiktaş beat Galataaray twice in one season was during the 2010-2011 campaign and this was the first ever away win at the Türk Telekom arena since it’s inauguration season of 2011-2012.

Despite the positive result, Beşiktaş didn’t have an easy time at the Türk Telekom arena. Galatasaray pressed very high during the firs thalf and made it extremely difficult for Beşiktaş. Yasin Öztekin even had the best chance of the first half but his shot went well wide off target. The first half was also filled with high tension, several yellow cards were dished out and a brawl nearly started after 14 minutes when Emre and Tosic went nose to nose with eachother and players of both sides intervened.

Much like the away match against Başakşehir a few months ago, Galatasaray put relentless pressure whenever one of the Black Eagles’s defenders was in possession, often leading to the ball being played back to Tolga who would then be forced to play it long which resulted in possession loss in almost every case.

Despite Galatasaray’s dominance in the duels and looking sharper, they failed to create any clear cut goal chances after Yasin’s position early on and the match ended all square at halftime.

Beşiktaş came out of the dressing room looking to take contol of the match and this led to several good chances for José Sosa, 3 in fact, but the Argentinian couldn’t beat Fernando Muslera. Atiba Hutchinson probably gave the Uruguay international his best test of the game with a well placed low shot, but Muslera once again saved his team with an excellent diving save.

Gökhan Töre and Cenk Tosun came on for Olcay and Quaresma with 20 more minutes to go as the Black Eagles needed to find that winning goal, but it was nearly Galatasaray who opened the scoring, fortunately Tolga made a splendid save to deny Emre the opening goal.

The Beşiktaş squad celebrating their crucial victory over rivals Galatasaray in the dressing room after the game.

The Beşiktaş squad celebrating their crucial victory over rivals Galatasaray in the dressing room after the game.

As he so often does, Cenk Tosun came in and almost immediatly had a positive impact on the game. After receiving the ball from Gökhan Töre, Cenk ran in to the penalty area luring Muslera out of his goal and squared it to Mario Gómez who easily tapped in to the empty net: 0-1. During this attack a fan had ran on the pitch, but as he did not intervene in the run of play referee Mete Kalkavan allowed the goal to stand.

After the goal the Black Eagles took their foot off the gas pedal and contained the hosts as well they could, Galatasaray attempted to launch a last grasp offensive but was unable to find an opening in the Black Eagle’s defence.

With this win Beşiktaş now have 76 points with two more matches to go, Fenerbahçe follow on 70 points but still play tomorow. If Fenerbahçe loses points tomorow (draw or loss) then a victory at home next week against Osmanlispor at the Vodafone Arena will seal the 2015-2016 championship for Beşiktaş.

Stadium: Türk Telekom Arena

Official: Mete Kalkavan

Galatasaray XI: Fernando Muslera; Martin Linnes – Jason Denayer– Hakan Balta – Leonel Carole; Selçuk Inan– Emre Çolak (84′ SubstitutedSubstituted Umut Bulut) – Wesley Sneijder (73′ SubstitutedSubstituted Ryan Donk) – Sabri Sarioğlu – Yasin Öztekin (64′ SubstitutedSubstituted Sinan Gümüş); Lukas Podolski

Reserves: Cenk Gönen, Koray Günter, Olcan Adin, Bilal Kisa, Ryan Donk, Sinan Gümüş, Umut Bulut,

Head coach: Jan Olde Riekerink

Beşiktaş XI: Tolga Zengin; Andreas Beck – Marcelo Guedes – Dusko Tosić- İsmail Köybaşı; Atiba Hutchinson – Oğuzhan Özyakup  – José Sosa (89′ SubstitutedSubstituted Necip Uysal); Ricardo Quaresma (71′ SubstitutedSubstituted Cenk Tosun) – Olcay Şahan (71′ SubstitutedSubstituted Cenk Tosun) – Mario Gómez

Reserves: Denys Boyko, Serdar Kurtuluş, Alexis Delgado, Gökhan Töre, Necip Uysal, Kerim Frei, Cenk Tosun

Head coach: Şenol Güneş

Goals: Mario Gùomez (76′)

Yellow cards: Dusko Tosic (14′), Olcay Şahan (32′), Marcelo Guedes (43′),  Lukas Podolski (8′), Sabri Sarioğlu (14′), Wesley Sneijder (64′)

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