Fikret Orman adresses Financial congress ahead of election

Updated: May 15, 2016

Fikret Orman adressed the current financial state of the club at yesterday’s financial congress ahead of the Beşiktaş presidential elections today (Sunday), he adressed several of his board’s accomplishments over the past 3 years, below is a summary of what he had to say.

When we took over the club in March 2012, we were in a very difficult situation. We weren’t allowed to demolish our old stadium, it was said we didn’t have the funds needed. It was a very difficult situation to get the Vodafone Arena built, but we did it. We built the most beautiful stadium in the country, not just in the most prime location but also architectually it looks magnificent. It took us 26 months to build our new stadium, 3 years ago there was a huge difference between Beşiktaş and our rivals. In march 2012 when we took control of the ship, there were only 28 Kartal Yüvasi stores across Turkey, today we have 75 stores spread throughout the country and next year we want to expand it even further to 90. 3 years ago we sold just 80.000 jerseys, today that number has risen to 300.000 jerseys. We are selling as many as our rivals are, we hope to increase this number in the future.

We currently reach about 9 million Beşiktaş fans on our social media accounts, we don’t have any fake followers or likes, unlike our rivals.

Since 2012 we’ve been investing in our players, the time of a “buy-buy-buy” mentality at Beşiktaş is over. We spent just € 13,8 million on transfers this season, this is significantly less than in the past.

We managed to complete 25 new sponsorship deals which will earn the club $ 237 million, this excludes our deal with Vodafone.

We still have 26 open cases running with FIFA and CAS. One concerning Manuel Fernandes and the other concerning Atinç Nukan, we are yet to receive a training fee for him from RB Leipzig.

We’re still working on the Beşiktaş University and are hoping to welcome our first students in 2018.

Beşiktaş is no longer a club who make a third of what their rivals make, we have increased our income to a similar, even higher, level than that of our rivals and hope to furhter increase this in the future. We are looking to reduce the club’s debt to 100 million Turkish Lira in the next 3 years.

Finally, I hope that we’ll win the Championship tomorow.

The current debt of the club was announced to be 1 billion 328 million Turkish Lira (€ 395,5 million), up from last year’s € 318,7 million.

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