Mario Gómez reacts to winning the Turkish championship

Updated: May 15, 2016

After his initial reactions right after the game, Beşiktaş star and league topscorer Mario Gómez reacted to winning the Turkish league title live on Lig TV. Below is everything he had to say about winning the title, scoring goals and his future.

You’ve broken records, you’re the top goalscorer, you’ve won the title now. How would you describe it?

“Yeah, I mean.. Like euh, the people here are, we saw it after the game, very emotional. I mean it’s just so nice, I mean nobody could believe it because you could feel it also the last five minutes, nobody wanted to celebrate, we were waiting for the referee to blow his whistle to finish the game. I want to say thank you to everybody, for me it was a very special season after a difficult time. I found my shape back, I want to say thank you to the translators, to my coach, the team, to everyone. It was like a dream.”

You came as a player on loan and now you have gone down in history as the foreign player at Beşiktaş with the most goals in a single season (having surpassed Demba Ba tonight with his 28th goal of the season in all competitions). What would you like to say about this?

“Yes, at the end it meant a lot for the championship, that’s why I’m proud of it. But not because of the number of goals, because I’ve always scored but I know at the end if you win the title with the team. That’s why I’m so proud, to win the title for this amazing club, after so many years. Here at our new stadium, the first season in our new stadium and then we get the trophy, it’s just amazing.”

And finally, what will happen after this season, are you staying at Beşiktaş or are you going back to Fiorentina or another club?

“No, I’ve never held talks with no other club. I talked to Beşiktaş and i told them that I want to finish this season and I don’t want to think about next year because I did it several times in my career and one time it was a mistake to decide in April, I didn’t want to make this mistake again. So I didn’t decide until now and I told the club that first I want to be champions with this team because it is very important for me to play Champions League next year. So we are Champions now and we have one match more, then we are going to celebrate with the trophy. And then we have the Summer break so my agent will talk with the president. I know what I have here and I have very good feelings.”

Would you please name your 3 best goals this season?

“You know what, I’ve had this question many times in my career and I can tell you that as a striker that for me, every goal is the same.”

Source: Lig TV

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