Şenol Güneş, Fikret Orman, and players react after winning the title

Updated: May 16, 2016

Şenol Güneş

“I’m proud of my players, they wrote their own story.”

“Everybody is happy. My players played with joy. I also congratulate Fenerbahçe, but we were the better team. We played against 17 teams and everybody looked at Beşiktaş with love and respect. In every match we played, we always tried to be the more dominant side. We could’ve made our championship official earlier too. Everybody did their job. I’m very proud of them. The chairman and board also worked extraordinary.”

Fikret Orman

“Our fans deserve this.”

“I’m very happy, especially since I made the fans happy. I don’t know what to say. Hopefully these types of accomplishments will continue to come our way. I never gave up hope during the season. I’m a Beşiktaş fan, would a Beşiktaş fan ever give up? I never lost hope. These kids fought a lot and without a stadium. We came from very tough days. Both the club and ourselves. The expectations will raise from this point on, but we won’t lose control. We have a policy. We won’t just splash tons of money on transfers. The Champions League is a tough league, but Beşiktaş are a big club. We love Mario Gomez a lot. He had an amazing season. However, his teammates helped him out a lot too. We want to continue with him and if he also wants to stay, we’ll continue with him.”

Ricardo Quaresma

“My dream came true.”

“When I came back, I said that I wanted to paint this city black and white and now that dream has come true. I’m very happy. It wasn’t easy, but we’re a big club. We got past all the obstacles and became champions. Ours fans love me because they know how much I love this club. They show their love to me at every chance. I thank all of them one by one.”

Jose Sosa

“This was the moment everybody was waiting for.”

“Everybody helped each other out and supported one another. With our family’s support, our club’s support and the personnel’s support, we were able to accomplish our goal. We’re really happy. There were ups and downs, obstacles we had to overcome, but we always believed. We knew that this season would be our season. If you ask where this belief got even stronger, I would say after we beat Galatasaray last week and Fener losing the day after. After that point, there was no more hesitation left and we claimed the championship tonight. I needed to take more responsibility this season and I did my best to do this. There was a lot of top-tier players on the team this season. They contributed a lot.”

Tolga Zengin

“Our fans deserved the championship the most.”

“Every match from the beginning of the season was important and we needed to win here today. Everybody contributed to this championship. I thank our fans for supporting us no matter what and never leaving us alone. We couldn’t bring the end in the title race last season, but with the experience we gained in the last two seasons, we could this season.”

Serdar Kurtuluş

“We’re very happy”

“Becoming champions is an indescribable feeling. There was a path we were aiming for since the beginning of the season and tonight we came to the end of that path and became champions.”

Sources: bjk.com.tr, Haber1903, and Lig TV

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