Mario Gómez adresses the Championship, scoring goals and his future ambitions

Updated: May 17, 2016

Güntekin Onay: Is scoring 26 goals for you okay, or do you want more?

“I said it also after the game, I always want to score the maximum amount of goals. But as I told at the beginning of the season for me it is not important for me to score more than Eto’o, to score more than Van Persie, what counted for me was always the title. Because I got the trophy for most goals in Germany in a year with Bayern when we didn’t win the Championship, Dortmund did, so in the end when you don’t win the title with a big team then it doesn’t count if you get a personal trophy. So that is what I have been saying since the beginning of the season, I don’t wanted to be the best scorer, I wanted to win this championship. And if Samuel Eto’o will do seven goals in tomorow’s game then he should get the trophy because he deserves it. It is nice because I am a striker and I always want to score but at the end  all what counts is the title. Because for me all what counts is the trophies you win with your team and this is the emotion I got on Sunday, when I won the Champions League. That is why I haven’t thought one second about this record, they’ve told me several times about “28” but I didn’t know what they meant by that, now I understand what it means but for me it doesn’t make a difference whether I score 28 or 26, I’m living for that Championship and we got it!”

Güntekin Onay: You scored 26 goals for the German national team aswell?

“Yeah, something like that.”

Güntekin Onay: Have you made up your mind, your decision about your future? Are you staying?

“This is what I also told 2-3 weeks ago, I mean people have to understand it because I made this decision with Fiorentina in April to go there and in the end they didn’t play the players they said to me, euhm, many things changed in the last minute of the season they lost the Champions League (ticket) against AC Milan, because Balotelli scored a penalty in the 94th minute and they got the Champions League so we just got to go to the Europe League. So with this experience, I just said to the club; “Anyway if we have the option (in his contract) in April I won’t take it because I will decide at the end of the season.”. Very important things for me are what the team will look like, last Summer I looked at the team and I said “Okay, I can imagine playing in this team.”. Who is going to be the coach, which players are they going to buy. Now is the time for the club, I said “First I want to be Champions and then we will see.”. And of course then I can imagine to stay, because I had a beautiful year here. Now it’s up to the president, because we are playing in the Champions League next year. We are Champions so we will play Champions League, last year we went out in the Europa League group stages so that means now we have to invest in this team. So these are the questions now, that is not my part it is the part of the club. And if they show me how they’re going to do it next year then of course I can imagine to stay and I didn’t talk to any other club. I don’t know, there are so many rumours and people are talking about stuff, the only thing is I talked here to the club and said that I won’t decide in April but I will decide after the Championship. When there is the Summer break, my agent will come and we can talk about everything and that’s the time now, we finish the season tomorow and then I have the Summer break from Besiktas and then my agent will come and he will speak to the presidnet. And he has to tell me how the team will be next year, what their plans are with me and then we are going to see. I can really imagine to stay, yes.”

Metin Tekin: Is the only question for you whether there will be a squad who can be competitive int he Champions League?

“Yes, I think so. I mean yes. For me, this is what I wanted to explain with the last question… I really believe in this team, because we did a great season. We played great matches, we have really good spirit. Everybody is doing everything for everyone, so this is the most important thign in football. But as we saw in the Europea League, if there are teams like Sporting Lisbon, they play nice football and they attack and we have to defend so we’ve got problems. And this is the thing, we play Champions League, we know we are going to have big rivals because we are not.. we can play with the Champions of England, with the Champions of Spain. We can have a group with Real Madrid, Manchester City and Benfica Lisbon. We can have it, so then the question is should we just play Champions League to play Champions League? Or should we play Champions League also to win? I don’ tthink we’ll win the Champions League but it would be nice to win some matches int he Champions League and with our stadium, with our fans we can win some but of course now the club has to think a bit more than just to be Champions In Turkey. Because if you want to go on like this, now we have to take the next step. And this is what I told the club, this is very important to me. I mean, of course you can say now he is here one year and he scores 26 goals and he is telling us this, but I am really hungry at the moment and I really enjoy to play football. And I enjoy the thought that I will play in the Champions League again next year, so I want to do good things there and therefore the club has to build a good team. And this is my question to the club and I believe in it because we have a great stadium, we have unbelievable fans, we have a really nice club and we have already a really good team but of course they have to invest in some positions and then we will see.”

Güntekin Onay: What was your favourite goal this season?

“We had this question this morning too and I have to give you the same answer I give everyone who asks me this question. For me a goal is like, if I score from 50 meters or if I score from 1 meter, a goal is always the same feeling, always the same emotion. I am 100% striker, so for me if the ball goes in I feel like pfff an explosion of emotions and that is always the same for me, it doesn’t change anything. Of course goals who are winners, which get you points, are more important but I don’t have favourite goals. I’m not like this, I don’t have to show off something, I just want to play for success and help my team. And I can imagine that for our fans the goals against Gala and Fener were the most important this season.”

Güntekin Onay: In previous seasons many strikers have come to our league and they found that the this is a very tought and physical league. Turkey is not an easy league for strikers, like in Italy there are very tough defenders. How would you compare the Turkish league to Germany or Italy?

“Yes this is true, I don’t know if it was a joke of Samuel Eto’o or not but he said that the Turkish League is better than the Italian one. Euhm, I don’t think so that it is better but it is different the league but it’s not easy and you have to see the culture is very different to Germany, to Italy, to Spain. So if you are a foreigner player, like me, you go there and you have to adapt to everything, you have to learn how the people live and you have to respect it and I am a really open person and I love to learn new cultures. That is why I don’t have a problem to change the country but as a footballer it’s always different. In Italy the football is a bit more slower than in Germany but the defender they are like ‘ringers’, they standing with you and they keep you like this (wrestling move), so it is very difficult to score there. Here I think I can do such good performances because we played like a team with good offensive football. I need to be in shape and I need to be fit and then when I play in a team like ours this season then I will always score. So I can not say, Italy, Germany or Turkish are the most difficult for a striker, each one has his positives and negatives so at the end it doesn’t matter because right now, today we are Champions and we did a really good job. I could help my team with a lot of goals so I am very happy.”

Metin Tekin closed the interview with the following statement: “Whether you stay or you leave, thank you for what you’ve done for Besiktas.”


Source: NTV Spor

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