Latest update on Gökhan Gönül’s contract situation

Updated: June 5, 2016

The rumours around Gökhan Gönül continue. According to Haber1903, the right-back has agreed on all terms with Beşiktaş, but is still in negotations with rivals Fenerbahçe about the financial part of the deal and he and his manager Ahmet Bulut will announce their decision after Euro 2016 in France.


Fenerbahçe president Aziz Yildirim adressed the contract situation of Gökhan Gönul at the club’s general board meeting.

Meanwhile, Fenerbahçe president Aziz Yildirim informed the media about Gönül’s demands at the club’s general board meeting. He had the following to say: “Gökhan is currently earning € 1,7 million in guaranteed wages and € 20.000 per match appearance fee bonus. Last season he featured in 22 out of the 34 league games and 6 out of the 14 European games. He is now demanding a guaranteed wage of € 2,75 million and a fee of € 500.000 for his agent (Ahmet Bulut). This adds up to € 3,5 million with his match fees and there still is a € 50.000 championship bonus. Fenerbahçe will not offer fees like this anymore. Our offer consists out of a guaranteed wage of of € 2 million and all the other terms.”

Yildirim continues: “They [Gökhan Gönul and his agent Ahmet Bulut] lastly met up with Mr. Ilhan [Eksioglu] and he offered them € 2,25 million and all other terms to agree. However, because Gökhan and his agent kept insisting we didn’t reach an agreement. If this continues, everyone should know that we are not going to reach an agreement. Gökhan wants a 4 year deal and he is 31 years old. He is going to receive this amount of money until he is 35. Gökhan Gönül has served our club for over 8 years and has experienced 2 championships. We thank him for this.”

Yusuf Paklaci

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Yusuf Paklaci