Beşiktaş determine date for 2016/17 jersey announcement

Updated: June 11, 2016

Beşiktaş will present the new jerseys for the 2016/17 season in June, as has been in the past few seasons reports The full kits will be presented on online this coming Monday, June 13th,  and they will be available at Kartal Yuvasi stores starting Thursday June 16th.


Fans posing in a Dutch shop with the 2016/17 white Beşiktaş jerseys.

Fans posing in a Dutch shop with the 2016/17 white Beşiktaş jerseys.

However fans who want to find out what the new jerseys look like won’t have to wait until Monday. In The Netherlands twelve white jerseys for the 2016/17 season have already been sold by accident due to a distribution error from Adidas. Beşiktaş communications consultant Ridvan Akar confirmed on Twitter that these are indeed the actual new jerseys and that the sale has been halted for now.


The white jersey with fine thin black stripes was already leaked several weeks ago on the internet, atleast the design pictures were leaked. Two other styles were leaked aswell and yesterday pictures surfaced of what appear to be physical copies of those jerseys aswell, which probably means that all jerseys for the 2016/17 season have already been revealed, but we’ll still need to wait until Monday to be 100% sure when they’re officially presented by the club.

Below are the two other jerseys which are almost certainly official. The first is a modernized version of the classic “Bağcıklı” shirt which was first re-introduced during the 2002/3 season by Puma but later also replicated by Umbro. The second is a red jersey in the new Adidas design with the triple stripes running down on the side of the shirt starting at the armpit.




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