“We are not in a hurry concerning transfers.”

Updated: June 16, 2016

Beşiktaş chairman Fikret Orman has said that they have renewed the contract of Ismail Köybaşi and are waiting for Gökhan Gönül’s response to their offer.

Beşiktaş chairman Fikret Orman, has spoken about the current transfer status at the club.

Orman made it clear that they are still waiting for a response from Gökhan Gönül and have agreed terms with Ismail Köybaşi. Moreover, he had the following to say: “Gökhan Gönül is a player, that we would like to see in our squad. However, the decision is his to make. As far as I have read in the newspapers, his relations with Fenerbahçe are at a very low level. We want him in our squad. We ourselves have no players that run out of their contracts. We have extended the contract of those who we wanted to see in our squad next year. Ismail’s for example.”

After making clear that they are not after costly players, the chairman said this: “We are trying to make reasonable transfers. At some point, we spent too. However, we are not in the mood for wasting our money. In the past, lots of money has been spent, and the outcome is clear. Our opponents did the same; you see where they are now. All the teams are making losses, and no successes come from it. When such high amounts of cash are spent, the clubs and the national team should be successful on the international podium, which is absolutely not the case.”

“We are not in a hurry concerning transfers.”

“We are not in a hurry concerning transfers. Last season, Fenerbahçe did some crazy transfers very early on. Galatasaray got Podolski very quickly. Lots of anger was thrown out to us about our lateness. We are trying to realize the most appropriate transfers for the club. There is no hurry. We still have more than one month for our camp in Austria. Transfers go slowly in the world. We will not buy a lot of players. We also finished all the contract negotiations within the club.”

“Gomez got until the end of this month.”

“Gomez got until the end of this month. We are also looking for other possible options. We love Gomez very much. He has become a fan favourite and he loves the fans as well. Right now he is focussed on the German national team. At the end of this month, it will be clear whether this situation will have a positive or negative end.”

“If Gökhan wants to leave, he can.”

“We have no players in our team that we want to get rid of. Gökhan Töre got some interest. We didn’t buy Gökhan to sell him. However, we got plenty of players on his position. When a good offer comes, and if Gökhan wants to leave, he can. The offers can be considered if they are fit for both Gökhan and Beşiktaş.”

“We are not considering letting Atiba go.”

“We are not considering letting Atiba go. He got another year in his contract. When Atiba returns from Canada, we may even extend his contract.”

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