Fikret Orman talks with the media after iftar held by the club

Updated: June 22, 2016

Beşiktaş chairman Fikret Orman has told the media that they can’t buy new players, unless players are sold. The reason for that is the agreement made with the UEFA, concerning the FFP.

Just like last season, the club still has to move forward with keeping the FFP in mind. Orman made clear that they can buy a player if they want to, but the UEFA won’t allow the player to be licensed. This would make the player only available for training.

Fikret Orman watched the Turkey game at a traditional iftar, and spoke with the media afterwards.

“I believe in our national team.”

“The win that we got against the Czech Republic is very nice. I believe in our national team and I think they can do much more than they are offering right now. I hope that the other matches end in our favour and we go on to the next round.”

“If we buy a player, we simply can’t use him.”

“A lot of players are being linked to us. We are negotiating with some, and some are offered to us. Our transfer policy is busy, but noone should keep their hopes high. We are under the watch of the UEFA for the last two seasons. What the rules were last year, are still present for this year. What that means is, that we can’t buy players, unless we sell players. That is the clearest rule. Even if we buy a player, we simply can’t use him. The player won’t get a license from the UEFA. Even with the help of sponsors, no players can be bought. The UEFA is strict and clear; sell, before you buy.”

“The UEFA closed our books in May, and started a new book.”

“We sold three players last year, which made us very comfortable in the transfer windows. We didn’t spend all of our transfer income. However, there is no such thing as saving the money to spend it next year. The UEFA closed our books in May, and started a new book. All money that came in and out the last year, have stayed in last year. A new period has begun. We have spent around 55 million euros last year on the football team. This season, the same amount will be spent and we are even trying to make that amount lower.”

“Our opponents are just facing the controls.”

“After next season, we will be much more comfortable regarding the FFP. A lot of forbidden things will be gone. However, I can assure you that we will not act differently next season. We are going to act as if the FFP rules are still present for us. Otherwise, this many debts can not be paid. Our opponents are just facing the controls. We are about to be finished with them. That is why the upcoming seasons will be very comforting for us. But as I am always saying, we should never be arrogant and always be ourselves.”

“Tolga, Boyko and Fabri will fight for the number one spot.”

“Nowadays, people are asking themselves if it is not too much to have two foreign goalkeepers. First of all, I want you to know that Boyko is not keen on moving away. And until this moment, no offers have been made for him that we are considering. Competition is a good thing for the players and for the team. Tolga, Boyko and Fabri will fight for the number one spot. Eventually, Beşiktaş will be the winner.”

“Gökhan Töre will remain a Beşiktaş player.”

“Gökhan Töre is not a player we are keen to sell. He is a player we value and one of our stars. We will only sell him if he wants to leave himself. But the last offer that came in was a loan with an option-to-buy. The offer was instantly rejected and for now, Gökhan Töre will reamain a Beşiktaş player.”

“I am very hopeful for Aras Özbiliz. He will join the summer camp and get the chance to prove himself. I also think that Tolgay and Veli will make more minutes next season and will show how good they actually are. We already have a team filled with champions. We are just trying to make it better.”

Source: DHA

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