Gomez talks about his transfer

Updated: June 27, 2016

After celebrating the championship with Beşiktaş in the Turkish league, Mario Gomez is keen on doing that with Germany at the EC as well. This makes him currently unavailable for any transfer talks and he wants to have those talks after the EC.

Super Mario said the following to the German press, regarding his transfer: “I told my agent that the negotiations with Fiorentina and Beşiktaş can start. I have one condition myself: plan those negotiations for after the EC. I want to focus on this tournament.”

On the question ‘Beşiktaş or Fiorentina?’, Gomez responded: “I am currently a Fiorentina player. Beşiktaş is doing everything they can to keep me in Istanbul. I am considering that as well.” The striker also made clear that the rumours of him going to England or Spain are nothing but rumours.

“I don’t know what will happen next year. Anything can happen. In football, we see that everything happens quickly and unexpectedly. I want to end this successful season by winning the EC.” He left the interview after having said these words.

Source: DHA

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